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4 Reasons You39re Worse Than a Hipster If You Wear 39Jorts39 AWWW

4 Reasons You39re Worse Than a Hipster If You Wear 39Jorts39 AWWW


Seven ways you know you're at a hipster wedding

(Photo: foshydog/Flickr)

Musical hipster


From flappers to grunge, a century of the invincible hipster – in pictures

Hipsters are a dying breed

How to Dress like a Hipster

... if you're Morrissey. -Andy Hermann

You're Letting The People You Hate Control What You Do

Customers at the Cereal Killer Cafe in Camden , north London. 'It is the

Controversy: A teacher in Philadelphia was suspended when she told a student wearing a "Mitt Romney for President" T-shirt that it was akin to wearing "a ...

Undividing America Teens 4

Dad beers—those timeless classics that usually come in a can, like Miller Lite, Budwesier, Stroh's, and Pabst Blue Ribbon—are either a cheap and healthy (or ...

Airbnb: from homesharing cool to commercial giant. Read more. But the ...

4 Reasons You're Worse Than a Hipster If You Wear 'Jorts'



beyonce feminist illustration

Justin Bieber wearing glasses and, for some reason, holding a snake.

Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

Who they are: Hipsters and others who fetishize blue-collar traditions or have returned to their childhood pastimes for comfort.

Amanda Shaffer's entire world shifted when she became a white minority in

Image titled Be Popular Step 4

Styles asked if he could briefly move in with Winston and his wife, Meredith. “She agreed,” Winston says, “but only for two weeks.”

Google employees confess all the things they hated most about working at Google

Jordan Peele, the writer and director of the racial-horror film “Get Out,” said, “For black people, 'Atlanta' provides the catharsis of 'Finally, ...

“You can bump and grind,” she yelps, at the top of her range, big vibrato fluttering, “if it's good for your mind.” As she sings, her hands weave tapestries ...

Stop blaming the hipsters: Here's how gentrification really happens (and what you can do about it)

The Tragedy of Erik Killmonger

The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ev..

Channel 4

Antisocial media: why I decided to cut back on Facebook and Instagram | Life and style | The Guardian

... I bought in Cambodia a decade ago reads, “Same same but different.” The slogan pops into my mind constantly as I scroll past so many content modules, ...

How oat milk is taking over from almond as top lacto-free alternative


Why I Stopped Taking Kratom | “Is it truly safe?” (EDUCATIONAL)

In the great transition from Clueless Consumer to Mustachian, a person must first overcome a significant obstacle: the perception that Frugal, Cheap, ...

Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes's path to the far-right frontier - The Globe and Mail

90 years since Gertrude Ederle

Lard can be healthier than butter, nutritionist reveals

Why identity politics benefits the right more than the left | Sheri Berman | Opinion | The Guardian

Art ...

(Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Your bones could get weaker

Things to do in Playa Del Carmen

8 things you need to delete from your Facebook page right now | TechRadar

Looking for 'Likes': Teens and Social Media Addiction

Leon Bridges - River (Video)

spying snooping peering cubicle coworker boss

Turmeric is currently riding a wave of popularity.

The cult that inspired "drink the Kool-Aid" didn't actually drink Kool-Aid - Vox

Auckland: Lots to love, but lots to get used to.

hipster.jpg. When we ...

Mexican Coke

Video From The New Yorker

2 Broke Girls (TV Series 2011–2017) - 2 Broke Girls (TV Series 2011–2017) - User Reviews - IMDb

What ISIS Really Wants


The Whore of Mensa

Actually Cool Things to Do in Nashville Right Now When Someone Visits - Thrillist

(John Jay Cubuay/for The Washington Post)

If it's been a while since you've set foot in a high school, you might not know that the "dangerous new trend" among Teens These Days is JUULing — aka ...

Welcome to the new Toronto: the most fascinatingly boring city in the world | Cities | The Guardian

Nike ad with Colin Kaepernick has people burning products - Business Insider

DOT Plans to Eliminate 158 Parking Spots from Skillman and 43rd Avenues to Make Way for Protected Bike Lanes | Sunnyside Post

Cuppa Tea / YouTube


Travel safety specialist Phil Sylvester put on his journalist's hat (it's a trilby with a card in the band that says PRESS) and did some investigating.

The Dirty Truth About E-Cigs

Time Out "Table for Two': The Neighborhood Box

Why I have finally taken off the Apple Watch for the last time | Technology | The Guardian

Lincoln Nebraska

What's wrong with this picture? Hint: It's not the salad underneath. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Jihad Shoshara examining unidentifiable patients on medical mission trips in Jordan for the Syrian American Medical

Trump's latest interview with Fox News should make us glad he's mostly too lazy to govern When he tries to do things, it only gets worse.

Old Fashioned Bartender

What is the best university in New York?

9 Super-Annoying Things You Do at Restaurants, According to Restaurant Workers - CityLab

The Handmaid's Tale on TV: too disturbing even for Margaret Atwood | Television & radio | The Guardian

Don't Go Clubbing if You're Not Gonna Dance, Dickhead – The VICE Guide to Berlin - VICE

Nearly every member of the powerful Florentine Medici Family is buried in the Basilica of San

Yes, Twitter is putting tweets in your timeline from people you don't follow | Technology | The Guardian

Forever 21