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African starling Look they have RAT birds in Africa too t

African starling Look they have RAT birds in Africa too t


:^African starling. Look, they have RAT birds in Africa too... More

African Pied Starling

Long-tailed Glossy Starling (Lamprotornis caudatus) is a member of the starling family of birds. It is a resident breeder in tropical Africa from Senegal ...

Sharpe's Starling

Purple Glossy Starling

European Starling - San Diego & La Pine backyards List Of Birds, The Birds

Spotless Starling

Black-collared Starling (Gracupica nigricollis) by Darren_Bellerby

Black-collared Starling The Black-collared Starling is found in Brunei, Cambodia,

Sturnus burmannicus - Burma-Star - Jerdon's starling by Kowari, via Flickr

Black-collared Starling, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam For The

Star / Common Starling

Oahu Akialoa

Super-black feathers can absorb virtually every photon of light that hits them

European Starling

Juvenile European Starling. Almost looks like a different species. Photo by Wendell Long

Female starlings that have consumed Prozac are 'less attractive' to males

Image result for white-billed starling In The Family, Ethiopia, Starling, Africa

They have a beautiful song too and are very clever at mimicking other birds. They have even been known to imitate man-made environmental sounds, ...

Adult European Starling. Photo by E Zimmerman. Starling beks spring open and can be

When the chips are down. Shutterstock

Ornithologists did not visit Mauke in the Cook Islands for another 150 years, but when they ...


Spotless Starling

Rote Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus rotiensis

A Purple Glossy Starling bird walking on a tree branch

Photo credit: David Lindo. The Starling ...

That all changed when a shipwreck washed up on the island's shores, containing stowaway black rats.

Looking for ideas for weird things to feed birds? We've got 10!

Aberdare Cisticola Cisticola aberdare (Arjan Dwarshuis)

Red-Breasted Nuthatch on Suet Feeder

A budgie fluoresces under ultraviolet light.

Junco fledgling MAII illustrates the awkwardness via interpretive dance.

Common bird species such as sparrow and skylark facing decline in Europe | Environment | The Guardian

Blood-Thinning Rat Poison Is Killing Birds, Too

Male European starling in mate attraction display

Types of Problem Birds. Common Starling

A Myna Problem

Birdfeeding favours exotic birds | @GrrlScientist | Science | The Guardian

A senegal parrot in a tree

Sparrow flying above wheat field


File:Naturalis Biodiversity Center - RMNH.AVES.110050 - Fregilupus varius (Boddaert

The Pros and Cons of Backyard Bird Feeders

Acridotheres tristis00.jpg

Without the common swift, another silent summer beckons | Andrew Mayers | Opinion | The Guardian

Robin, Erithacus rubecula perched on a branch with snow. Image shot 2012. Exact

The traditional method for trapping birds is to position gluey sticks among the low branches of an orchard, seemingly inviting perches from which they ...

The male superb bird of paradise has iridescent blue breast feathers that stick out like a

Robins animal cruelty Europe Africa

Close-Up Of African Grey Parrot Perching On Pipe By Plants

Tui are being seen once again in the Talbot forest of South Canterbury © Craig McKenzie

Garden pest: Parakeets are pictured looting suburban bird-feeders in South-East England

The guys set up camp and I started cooking on the gas stove, wonderful to be cooking again, my second greatest hobby in life!

Search. Raggiana Bird of Paradise

I get questioned occasionally about how to tell what it is that is making a scratching noise in a roof. "Is it rats, mice or birds........or elephants?"

Peregrine falcon

Call for killing of birds deemed health hazard splits conservationists | Environment | The Guardian

Junco fledgling AGYL thinks that is too many things to do at once.

Common bird species such as sparrow and skylark facing decline in Europe | Environment | The Guardian

Image : Lanner Falcon

Oscar Wong / Getty Images

Cape Rockjumper is one of two members of a family that is endemic to South Africa

Food and feeding[edit]

African Birdlife magazine

At times you'd really almost forget you live in a city. Like when a heron screeches like some ancient Jurassic creature as it swoops past you along the ...

Airgun Hunting: Starling Pest Control in South Africa

Purchase BirdLife South Africa's stunning new Birds of Southern Africa calendar and each month you'll enjoy a beautiful full-page bird photograph.

Sharpe's Rail Gallirallus sharpei RMNH 87485 (left) exhibiting category 3 melanism compared with a

New from Ecuador: Blue-throated Hillstar


Acrocephalus yamashinae

Coue's Arctic Redpoll

Habitat loss and predation by cats, rats and people caused this oriole's extinction. Known from New Zealand's North Island, the last confirmed record dates ...

The seagulls' list of victims seems to grow all the time

How much is Britain prepared to pay to protect its wildlife? | Patrick Barkham | Opinion | The Guardian

This Vibrant Bird Species Actually Loves You Back

We did find a calling Buff-spotted Flufftail, a stunning Greyish Eagle Owl and on the mammal front, a Uganda Grass Rabit, Savannah Cane Rat and Blotched ...

Older junco fledgling RONA

Tag us when you post your photographs of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) or birds on Instagram and they could be chosen to feature on BirdLife ...

Newly-recognised as a distinct species in 2016, this glossy, scarlet-and- black insectivore has the unwanted distinction of becoming the first avian ...

Blue tits aren't able to digest lactose and drinking milk can give them diarrhoea, but they can safely eat whole unsalted peanuts

Carpodacus ferreorostris

Here's why people spend hundreds of pounds chasing rare birds (I'm one of them)

... at the Observatório de Aves of the Instituto Butantan, São Paulo's biological and health research center.

The Common Indian Myna or 'garbage bird' is becoming more and more prominent along Australia's eastern seaboard. (Source: Andrew Tatnell, Big Island ...

Violet-backed Starling - Male

The first in the Oyksy Daisy series, our Bird of the Year 2018 comic strip.

ABEE: As soon as she lets go, I'm outta here.