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Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen perhaps the best casting of any King

Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen perhaps the best casting of any King


Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen, perhaps the best casting of any King movie. The Stand

Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen (The Stand, 1994) "M-O-O-N - thats spells moon"

Rob Lowe as Nick Andros and Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen in the .

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Bill Fagerbakke did an amazing job as Tom, and I couldn't think of anyone else to do the job. And since he's of “indeterminate age”, it doesn't matter that ...

A happy and enduring marriage is shattered when a husband departs for a business trip, and his faithful wife unearths evidence that exposes his monstrous ...

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Tom Cullen photo

Rob Lowe

stephen king silver bullet Ranking: Every Stephen King Movie, Miniseries, and TV Show

Tom Cullen The Stand

Stephen King's 'The Stand': Our wish list cast includes Josh Brolin, an Olsen sister, and... Stephen Colbert?

Ok, so he's much prettier than I'd ever imagined Stu being, but I'm sure Timothy could handle looking scruffy. Plus he's good at accents, so I'm sure he'd ...

If you look back at both the 1979 novel and David Cronenberg's 1983 adaptation, The Dead Zone is pretty episodic. There's the early romance between Johnny ...

Stephen King quotations and sayings with pictures. Famous and best quotes of Stephen King.

Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime) Optimus Prime, Transformers, Voice Actor,

Click the link for a list of Stephen King's Lovecraftian short stories and novels! Stephen

Paul Bettany

Viggo's a damn fine actor, and can be creepy as hell. Remember him in The Prophecy? I still get goosebumps.

They Couldn't Have Picked A Better Actor/Actress For That Role [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

59. Dan Green

Frank Welker

Explore The Incredible Hulk 2008 and more!

Doesn't get much more beautiful than Jackson, who is easily the best thing in every film he's been in. Just look at those eyeballs, ah!

Matthew Yang King. Actor | Batman Ninja

Stephen King's Bag of Bones **Humor is almost always anger with its make-

There are also some good performances. Perhaps the best is Gary Sinise as "common man" Stuart Redman. Stuart ultimately becomes one of the lesser ...

A native of Ogunquit, Maine (hey, it's King, you know Maine's gonna figure in somewhere), she's a college student, 21, with a plan for her ...

The Stand

Roswell Reboot : Trevor St. John joins the cast

Scary Good: IMDb's Guide to Horror

Back when talent and class was celebrated and appreciated: Clockwise from top: Garry Moore. Bill CullenHenry ...

With Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard. A simple yet proud rancher in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, ...

GLEN BATEMAN (originally played by Ray Walston)

Ok, he might be a little old for the part. But so was Corin Nemec, so meh. I think he'd be so perfect for the part. He obviously does geeky well (Napoleon ...

97. Richard Green

Ben Affleck The Stand

tales from the darkside the word processor of the gods Ranking: Every Stephen King Movie

Rick D. Wasserman

Such as Zak Orth. M-O-O-N, that spells Zak Orth. He looks just like Tom Cullen, doesn't he just? Laws, yes.

RANDALL FLAGG (originally played by Jamey Sheridan)

Richard Anderson, the tall, handsome actor best known for costarring simultaneously in the popular 1970s television shows "The Six Million Dollar Man" and " ...

71. Mark Ryan

The cast grow for the new season of True Detective

It – Chapter 2 : More information about the cast

Then there's Tom Cullen. Ah, Tom Cullen, a part that could go so, so wrong so easily. Tom is a big, friendly, child-like mentally handicapped man, ...

A once-fabulous mansion in decline, its worn vestiges of better times heartbreakingly reflected in the deep shadows of its spider-webbed corners.

Tom Cruise

The role of Judge Richard Ferris was kind of a nothing role that any older actor could have played, but since he was played by Ossie Davis in the ...

Joel David Moore

2. John DeMita

60. Marco Grazzini

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James Lafferty : "It's astonishing how much One Tree Hill still means to ...

Creepshow Horror Movie Poster Print-- this is a poster, but I have the original comic book in my Stephen King collection

Man, I tell you, it feels good to have this post up. This is one of the big reasons I even started this blog; wanting to see this story done on screen ...

One role that was hard to cast was that of Nadine Cross, a woman Larry meets after some tragic circumstances and dedicates himself to protecting while on ...

Cast Shadowhunters – The Hunters of Shadow 2

Adam Storke

61. James Sie

Q&A Sam Heughan / Caitriona Balfe - Outlander - The Land Con 2

Rose Madder by Stephen King http://www.amazon.co.uk

Stephen King Full Dark, No Stars A Study In Scarlet, King Art, Elements

Josh Brolin

NADINE CROSS (originally played by Laura San Giacomo)

Bateman is incapable of keeping a conversation short and sweet. Elizondo has a manner of speaking that excuses this longwinded quality and explains why ...

76. Randy Brooks

("Movies Off My Shelf" is a blog series where, with each entry, I'll be randomly choosing a movie from my personal collection to discuss.

Warner Bros has chosen Ben Affleck to adapt and direct The Stand, Stephen King's apocalyptic mammoth book. Affleck has become a cornerstone director for the ...

Joseph Fiennes

Tyler Posey will be back in Paris in 2019 for a Teen Wolf convention

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) lends his voice to Tadashi Hamada, the big brother of lead character, Hiro (Ryan Potter), ...

Taking a slight step down, I think Rob Lowe is decent as deaf mute Nick Andros (and Lowe would later star in another Stephen King miniseries, 2004's Salem's ...

Michael Raymond-James : "Neal's father did what he thought was best at the

70. Eric Artell

35. Geoff Dolan

David Sobolov

Molly Ringwald The Stand

Danny Torrance is all grown up now, but he's still haunted by his past. Despite his best intentions, he's found himself battling many of the same demons ...

That's it for the regulars, but as this is a one-season television show, there's a ton of supporting players, and I couldn't help but cast them all.

Tom Cruise

Constantin Film's Tarzan movie has been quietly been in development but is now entering the casting stage. Kellan Lutz, co-star of the Twilight movies, ...

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77. Ron Bottitta

If I see any internet meme with Morgan Freeman in it, my mind reads the words in Red's voice. His role was that iconic.

But where The Stand falls is in being cheesier than I remembered, with some hammy performances and a poor musical score. W.G. "Snuffy" Walden's scores may ...

36. Gary Anthony Williams

JULIE LAWRY (originally played by Shawnee Smith)

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Stephen King in 'The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill' (Creepshow)