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Blue merle my next fur baby Border Collies t Ces

Blue merle my next fur baby Border Collies t Ces


Blue Merle Collie pup

Fitz, our nearly 8 weeks old Border Collie #BorderCollie

A workaholic, the border collie doesn't have time to get sick.

Seven the Border Collie (Blue Merle border!!) Chiens Et Chiots, Animaux

blue merle border collie

Those dogs bred for the ...

Blue. Border Collie/Australian shepherd mix Aussie Cattle Dog, Aussie Puppies, Cute

"Echo" Blue Merle Border Collie

The ...

IT'S GLORIOUS!!! and then he luges back, jumps, and then eats

"Blue merle border collie" a color variation of the Border Collie; a working

My beautiful Border Collie boy New Gold Box Zion "Toby"..Love him

red and white border collies - Google Search #bordercollie

Border Collie

luna–bc: “Get you a girl who looks at you with this much love 💕 ”

Chocolate Brown Border Collie Puppy - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

cute and attractive pets: pretty border collie or Australian Shepherd

Blue Border Collie short hair puppy

Blue Merle Border Collie

Après le bain dans la cressonnière! septembre 2017

border collie blue merle #BorderCollie Border Collie Blue Merle, Border Collie Azul, Border


Chief the Border Collie Puppy Is Full of Personality!

Not many brain cells but good to look at. (Pike) Border Collies,

Blue Tricolour Merle

Whether this is an Aussie or a Blue Merle Border Collie- I LOVE IT! Especially since tail wasn't docked! My Baby Blue looked just like this.

My harlequin blue Merle Aussie, Blizzard

Chocolate Border Collie. Female

Blue Merle border collie AKA my dream doggie, this is a beautiful dog!

My beautiful Roker

Red merle Aussie. Mini Aussie ShepherdAustralian ShepherdsDog ShotsBorder Collie blue Merle Border ColliesAussie DogsKitty kittyPet dogsFur Babies

Slate Tricolour Merle

https://flic.kr/p/FfSGSb | 3 shelties Border Collie

Blue Tricolour Border Collie. Young Male

Resultado de imagen de border collie azul mirlo Border Collie Blue Merle, Border Collie Azul

Is that a Border Collie ...

Red merle Border Collie. Female

border collie

I already have a blue merle dog who is two years old, and he has one blue and one brown eye. I have never seen a blue merle with two blue eyes; ...

Daisy Belle is the Sweetest Border Collie in Iowa!

... Trevellis Border Collies, UK. Jace

Sixteen-month-old Cap fetched a staggering £14,805 when he was sold to

Can ...

Red Merle Border Collie. Male

Blue Tricolour Border Collie. Young Female.

Double Merle Dogs: A Lethal Genetic Combo That's Totally Preventable! - The Dogington Post

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd...he's sailing!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd puppy

Five universal personality traits of the Border collie

Watch ...


Many " ...

Chocolate Tricolour Merle

Double Merle ...

Nothing ...

A 'double merle' is a merle that has two copies of the merle gene, this is to be avoided at all costs as there are numerous health issues associated with ...

Freckles the Collie, left, heard Hollie, right, whimpering inside the bin in

In the footage, Secret the three-year-old pooch drags a blue sledge

Fulfilling the Border Collie's need for exercise and stimulation

Do NOT take a dog with fleas to a dog groomer, as it may spread to other dogs.

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And as a final warning, once you shave a double-coated dog, their hair never grows back the same. So that beautiful, silky coat will be gone forever.

Two solid blue merles (the Border Collie also has white in the irish spotting pattern and bronzing on its side).

This is the actual ...

Why is the Border collie such a popular dog breed?

It took 15 minutes for a family of border collie puppies to sit still but it

Beautiful Chihuahua

Blue merle border collie with mismatched eyes

Mr Robson was reunited with beloved border collie Shep just hours before he died in hospital

Well I promised one more update on the hip surgery and here it is.... just to close the book on this story. Tulla had x-rays at 8 weeks post surgery to ...

The border collie named Lava (pictured, left) looks predatory while he engages in

Losing Their Puppy Coat

Organisers said it was the biggest ever gathering of border collies that were not restrained by


Blue merle Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie). Commonly merle dogs will have at least one

Navy Eyed canine in the snow

Canen Spangle

Pedigree registered Border Collie from ISDS lines

Breed Profile of the Border Collie

Do you want to show your dog or herd sheep with it? If not, KC registered show lines and ISDS registered working lines are not for you.

Chocolate Merle. Same as blue merle but the ...


Border Collie Frequently Asked Questions

Playful Border Collie

Working out your mixed breed Border collie's ancestry

Page 1

Roosevelt the collie dog who uses a wheelchair after he was born with deformed front legs | Daily Mail Online

The Collie shares the same heritage as the rest of the sheepdogs of the British Isles. It traces back to the herding mastiffs of the invading Roman armies ...

Ziggy the three-legged dog had a customised cart made for him to help him

Celeste nurturing Maximus. He's a dog because of his nature. He's a Border Collie

Are you financially prepared to support a Border Collie? The cost of purchasing a dog is only the start. Don't forget dog food, toys, treats, bedding, ...

Real life examples of the variation in base colour of merles.

These days farmers are aware that quite high prices can be commanded for any pups they breed - very high if the markings are classic Black and White or ...

aussie with blue eyes