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Central Plains Blue Trade Cloth Woman39s Dress Ethnographic

Central Plains Blue Trade Cloth Woman39s Dress Ethnographic


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Lakota 19th century Trade Cloth Dress with Elk Teeth Adornment

Plains Blue Trade Cloth Woman's Dress, Lakota -- Late Century -- Muslin-backed yoke with rows of dentalia shells & bugle beads, with ribbon applique ...

Central Plains Blue Trade Cloth Child's Dress

Central Plains Woman's Trade Cloth Dress

Plains Blue Trade Cloth Woman's Dress, Lakota, c. 1900 Native American Dress ,

Plains Blue Trade Cloth and Dentalium Shell Woman's Dress

Northern Plains Large Model Beaded, Wood, Hide, and Cloth Cradle, Crow, c. first quarter 20th century, houses a commercial doll, the straps of hide and ...

Woman's Dress -- -- Likely Northern Cheyenne -- Wool cloth, dentalium shell/shells, ribbon, thread -- NMAI

Northern Plains Cloth Elk's Tooth Dress composed of pink cloth, the bodice decorated overall with

Plains Girl's Blue Trade Cloth Dress

american indian dress designs | Plateau beaded wool dress, yoke decorated with lanes of snap

Traditional Anishinaabe woman's skirt by Delina White (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe), 2014 NACF Regional Traditional Arts Fellow - Image by: Delina White

Woman's Side-Fold Dress Date: 1800–1825 Geography: United States, Central Plains Culture: Probably Lakota or Cheyenne Medium: Native-tanned leather, ...

Central Plains Double Trade Cloth Blanket with Beaded Hide Strip

Central Plains Beaded Hide and Cloth Woman's Leggings

Cherokee Nation, Native American Clothing, Dress Making, First Nations, Dance Dresses, Native Americans, Ancestry, Nativity, Genealogy

Schiaparelli Black Silk Gown and a Blue Silk and Sequined Gown

Plains Girl's Trade Cloth Dress

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Rare and Important Plains Apache Woman's Dress and Moccasins

SKINNER American Indian & Ethnographic Art Sale 2506

American Indian & Ethnographic Art Sale 2636B

American Indian & Ethnographic Art

Blue Five-Clawed Dragon Robe, late 19th century, silk, metal

Visiting Santa Fe

Mali thiop

Native American & Ethnographic Art | Skinner Auction 2533B

“Sleeved garment, 1930–1950, cotton, silk, satin.”All photos courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art.

sheehybrandon_82632_9643829_moccasin 1 - 1


American Indian & Ethnographic Art Sale 2685B

Woman's coat from Jordan, 1920's, made of ikat cloth (TRC 2005.0076).

Elegant Structure: The Pattern of a Collection

Interracial marriage

American Indian & Ethnographic Art | Skinner Auction 2596B by Skinner, Inc. - issuu

At the Winter Sea Ice Camp: Part 2

A first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains. Photo by Dan Rogers.

Woman's wedding costume "diplo", the Central Rhodopes area, 1882. (RHM - Smolyan)

Feathered wedding dress

American Indian & Ethnographic Art


American Indian & Ethnographic Art Sale 3043B | December 2, 2017 | Boston

Claire McCardell Woman's Suit

In the last blog post of this series, I will compare the two robes at the TMC to the one in the Ryerson collection and consider the use of symbolism and ...

Ghost Dance Dress, Detail, Southern Arapaho artist, Oklahoma, ca. 1890,

Giving voice (to people who use drugs)

Woman's festive costume, end of the 19th century, the village of Inzovo, Topolovgrad region (NEM)

THAI NATIONAL DRESS of silk brocade, shows how the House of Lesage enhanced the garment's

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Young woman's summer festive costume, end of the18th century, the village of Dragichevo, Pernik region (NEM)

Colorful Mexican Dress

Madagascar, scarf, malagasy, collections, moegsaard, anthropology, ethnography, raffia

Woman's costume, end of the 19th century, the village of Lozarevo, Karnobat region

Laura Bush's Inaugural Dress


Central America. Woman's blouse.

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SILK SATIN EVENING DRESS with feathers and swansdown accents by R.H. White & Co (

Elizabeth Keckley Christening Gown, 1866

EVENING DRESS of Thai silk and metallic brocade, 1960. This is one of several

Khanty woman's festive costume, with the front completely covered with red and blue diamonds. From Tobolsk Province, late 19th or early 20th century.

Description: Woman on Kisar Jacobsen 1896


Plate 6.4 Woman's crewel wool needlework pocket, c. 1740–1760. Cotton and linen cloth embroidered with wool. American. Acc. No. 1958–180.

Arapaho dress

TRANSITIONS: Works by Francoise Gilot

483; plate cxxxii) with ...

Lakota woman's dress.

Four-cornered hat, Peru or Bolivian Altiplano, Tiwanaku culture, 7th-9th century ce. Camelid fibre with larkshead knotting. Cotsen Textile Traces Study ...


"Man's Coat" , Sioux-Metis, 1840, Native-tanned leather,

AFTERNOON DRESS AND COAT, made entirely of Thai silk was worn both in New York

Billie Jean King's "Battle of the Sexes" Tennis Dress

Here is a closer look at the batting in this coat.

Female Wedding Outfit, designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee (b. 1974), silk and

Fiesta dress

Agrandir ...

And here is what its lining looks like.

They bring to mind so-called rayographs, that is, photographic images that are created by putting objects directly on light-sensitive paper.

Agrandir ...


Ryan Oskin

An older man in traditional dress.

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sheehybrandon_82632_9643830_moccasin 2 - 1

Woman's costume, early 2th century, the village of Tri Voditsi, Plovdiv region (PEM)


Figure 3.2 Plant Seller (Ueki fukujusō uri). Kiyonaga Torii (1752–1815). FP 2 – JPD, no. 1703.

Woman's costume, early 20th century, the village of Goliamo Konare ((today the town of Saedinenie), Plovdiv region

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Re:Working Labor

Description: Kisar Islanders dressed in modern festival costumes

Shadow Abaya by Shadow (est. 2015, Kuwait), Ensemble (“Black

Victoria and Albert Museum

Her subject was “Textile Production in Uzbekistan: A Historical and Ethnographic Overview.” Christine focused sharply on Uzbek clothing but treated some ...