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Charlotte Witter the fourth Spider Woman and granddaughter of

Charlotte Witter the fourth Spider Woman and granddaughter of


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Charlotte Witter/ Spider-Woman (Earth-616) Spiderman Suits, Spiderman Spider

SPIDER-WOMAN. Real Name: Charlotte Witter

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Amazing Spider-Friends: Charlotte Witter | Amazing Spider-Talk: A Spider-Man Website

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Charlotte Witter (Madame Webb's granddaughter) is a product of Dr, Octopus' genetic manipulation, a mutated human/spider hybrid. Charlotte was give the ...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#6 (fb)) - Even though she became a renowned fashion designer, Charlotte felt the need to embark on a life of crime on the side.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#6) - Spider-Man tracked down Witter, who was besieged by the NYPD. She seemed different, pleading with them to leave her alone and ...

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Although Charlotte Witter is little more than footnote in the history of the Spider-Man mythos, the damage she did as the evil Spider-Woman would linger ...

It was during the first fight between Mattie, Charlotte and Peter that we finally got to see the garish fourth Spider-Woman in all her glory.

Spider-Woman Charlotte

(Spider-Woman III#9 - BTS) - Madame Web determined how Witter had been able to regain her abilities. By absorbing Mattie's powers, Charlotte had ...

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Charlotte Witter Spider-Woman Costume

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Spider-Woman (Witter). Charlotte Witter was the granddaughter of ...

(Spider-Woman III#11) - Realizing she wasn't fighting the true Rhino, Mattie did her best to contain Leighton while Web and Drew heard the boy's origins ...

Left: Madame Web helps the group neutralize the Evil Spider-Woman, as seen in Spider-Woman V3 #9

The fourth Spider-Woman, Charlotte has superhuman strength, speed and agility. She can stick to walls, fly, fire bio-electric blasts, make psionic webs, ...

... all the of the powers that Charlotte Witters had stolen, thus meaning Mattie had all of her original powers, as well as all those of Witter, Drew, ...

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(Spider-Woman III#4) - Flesh and Bones dropped the unconscious Mattie off a nearby skyscraper, figuring the fall would finish her off.

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Bookcover of Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter). 9786137914762

The secret origin of Lady Gaga revealed!

Spider-Who Part 95: Spider-Woman, Mattie Franklin (2nd costume)

Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter): Amazon.es: Indigo Theophanes Dax: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

Thanos of Titan (one of Saturn's moons) is an alien of cosmic-level power who is bent on domination. Born to Mentor and Sui-San, he possesses vast ...

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Mattie Franklin's 6th costume change is a drastic departure from the progression of her previous outfits. Leaving behind the red and black colour scheme, ...

Cassandra Webb (Earth-616)

In issue 5 of the new Spider-Woman series we find Mattie has made herself yet another costume. Similar to the previous one, she has reduced the amount of ...

After reading about a new Spider-Woman in New York City, Witter knew what she had to do.

Gathering of Five

Mattie dons her 5th costume in issue 7. It appears she's back to the full body suit, and has inverted the placement of red and black on her legs and arms.

Spider-Woman °°

Grim Hunt

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Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter Spider Woman Costumes

Doc Ock Redesign

Spider-Woman aka Julia Carpenter

Arachne/Spider-Woman (Timeline: Earth-79101)

I guess stilts are handy for breaking glass ceilings. (Villains for Hire #0.1, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, art by Renato Arlem)

In the world of Zero Tolerance of Home Superiors and Super Beings, Spider- Woman/Jessica Drew, along with Cain Marko, Johnny Storm, Jonathan Starsmore, ...

Legion of Spider-Women: Jessica with her modern costume, Julia with her Arachne costume, Mattie in one of her many costumes, Charlotte, Ultimate Jessica and ...

Spider-Girl/Mayday Parker (Timeline: Earth-982 or MC2)

So like I said before, Mattie changed her costume in the very next issue. Ditching the green and the boots, Mattie goes back to the classic red and blue ...

Jessica Drew Original Costume

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Spider-Woman Updated Detective Costume

Spider-Who Part 34: Spider-Man India

Left: Madame Web aids Mattie Franklin against the Madame's own granddaughter, the Evil Spider-Woman as seen in Spider-Woman V3 #1

Spider-Woman (1978-1983 1st Series) 1

Spider-Woman Vol. 2: New Duds

Spider-Woman: Spider-Man FCBD 2011 Spider Women, Spider Girl, Spider

Mattie Franklin original Spider-Woman Costume

(Amazing Spider-Man II#5) - Mattie took on a band of armed Y2K-conspiracists who had robbed a bank in an attempt to "safeguard" the gold from the coming ...

Spider-Girl (Timeline: Earth 2020)

Julia Carpenter (Earth-616)

Spider-Girl (Timeline: Earth 1122). May Parker, daughter of ...

May Parker, daughter of Ben Reilly/Spider-Man Clone.

Spider-Girl (Timeline: Earth-924)

Chest Insignia: Spider symbol on the costumes for Julia, Mattie, and Anya.

Mattie Franklin, Spider-Woman III

Spider-Woman TPB (2015-2016 Marvel NOW) 1-1ST

Mattie had to put it together quickly and states that she really isn't satisfied with it. She only wears it for a short time, and changes it again in the ...

Marvel's original Spider-Woman? Valerie the Librarian from Spidey Super Stories.

History: (Spider-Woman III#15 (fb) - BTS) - Mattie lost her mother when she was just a kid and barely knew her. Even so, thinking about her always caused ...

Force Works

Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman Costume

Jessica Drew Original Costume

Modred the Mystic helps Jessica learn the truth about herself.

A university student who has been granted Spider-like abilities. Spider-Man has superhuman strength, can stick to walls, leap high into the air, ...

Left: Madame Web aids Mattie Franklin against the Madame's own granddaughter, the Evil Spider-Woman as seen in Spider-Woman V3 #1

Veranke Impersonating Jessica Drew Spider-Woman

Marvel Spotlight #32.

Jeff Hunt, Billy and Jessica Drew on a story and in peril.


Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman 3)

Spider-Woman (1993 2nd Series) 1

Spider-Woman by Luna Brothers Marvel Comic Character, Marvel Comic Books, Comic Books

Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman Costume

Spider-Woman (2014 5th Series) 1D

Wonder Woman is an Amazon endowed with powers by six gods. She is strong enough to overpower Supergirl, durable enough to withstand a warp core explosion ...

Spider-Woman (2009 4th Series) 1A

She later wakes up naked ...