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Elmo wants it to snow for Christmas Abby obliges kind of t

Elmo wants it to snow for Christmas Abby obliges kind of t


Elmo wants it to snow for Christmas. Abby obliges... kind of.

Elmo wants it to snow for Christmas. Abby obliges... kind of. | Sesame! | Pinterest | Elmo, Christmas and Little girls

Elmo wants it to snow for Christmas. Abby obliges... kind of. | Sesame! | Pinterest | Elmo, Christmas and Little girls

Aww shucks Elmo! sesamestreet: “ Friendship Week continues! Reblog this and Elmo will point to your name, so you can tell the world that Elmo loves you! ”

Elmo wallpaper!

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Cute Elmo!!!

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Guess who's celebrating his 3 1/2 birthday…again? This furry guy! Happy birthday Elmo!

i remember when i used to watch him when i was young dose anyone remember him?lol

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Happy Presidents Day

Sesame Street Vines

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Vine rowlf

Elmo sing you "Jingle Bells" to spread Christmas cheer. Children love Elmo because

A great way for young children to annoy their parents during the holidays. Still,

1. Forced Transsexualism

Not sure if this one sings. But I'm sure little kids will enjoy

This is Elmo dressed in a Santa outfit with a present. I know kids will

This one has the bat symbol all over it. I'm sure someone would

Once again, there's one for each character. Nevertheless, I'm kind of

AS you can see, wear this if you want to make it snow. Contains

Creekpaum Family Christmas Letter 2017 - The Longest Year

Hey, remember when Zoe was Elmo's best friend? Lately it sure looks like he's ditched her for Abby. Man, Elmo's so fickle. Or maybe Zoe was playing Hide and ...

Jingle Rails model train exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum.

Come in 4 different types as you see here. Consists of gold, blue,

They consist of Elmo with candy canes, garlands, and a sack of presents.

Watching Elmo

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Child Watch Sesame Street – Return Of Kings

Rockefeller Center 2017

Gilligan Cut


Even better is how they're all wearing Santa hats to get in the Christmas

Will Elmo ever return to his normal color? Well, I'm not going to tell you, because that would COMPLETELY SPOIL THE ENDING, and I would never want to do ...

This is our last induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for December, the last one for the year 2009. And since our theme for the fourth week of the ...

Plenty of people will have hardly contained their excitement this Christmas as they unwrapped new consoles or the latest games. But one game-maker revealed ...

A Garfield Christmas Special

I'm sort of hoping Flying Fairy School doesn't show up every day, so as to make room for other material, but it's charming enough.

... international box office smash?

Vine sweetums

Funko Pop! As Biography

I like how Cookie Monster stuck a lot of cookies in his saxophone. What a

Abby Has Issues

As we all know, it is he who usually says, "Make it snow

Chicago — It's been a white — but slick and messy — Christmas for the northern Plains and some Western states. Most of the Dakotas and southwest Minnesota ...

Vine gonzo

With Christmas less than a week away, it's the most wonderful time of the year. And not just because of the gifts tucked under the tree.

Last year around this time, I wrote to you about one of the few parenting choices your father and I can't seem to agree on: The Great Santa Debate.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa aired way back in December of oh-eight, but the DVD won't come out until September (Click here to see the recently ...

Hilarious: She rounded off with a triumphant impersonation of Elmo - earnestly saying: '

Merry-Christmas-New-Year-New-Baby-Valentines-Day Creekpaum Family Letter 2016/2017

And a Happy New Year!

Yes, I put up a wreath of Khan before. But this one is in

IMG_5970 ...

It actually makes me want to drag the lights in and do her 2 year pictures that I haven't done yet... But, I haven't.

John Carroll University Magazine Fall 2008 | Student Affairs | Society Of Jesus

At a “thank you” rally in early December, Donald Trump promised that he would Make Christmas Great Again. “We're going to start saying 'Merry Christmas' ...

"Everyone claims they want to hear what adoptees really think until they say something they don't like. What's up with that?"

We hope you enjoyed this year's Creekpaum Family Christmas letter and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Yes, those are all Superman logos on a Christmas tree. It's a Krypton thing

... Sharks looking-younger ...

Decorating The Christmas Tree - Family Pose

Meanwhile, Elmo's family has run into trouble: His mom has lost her job. And so, as we see in scenes interspersed throughout the special, they're making a ...

If you're completely bored out of your mind and need some reading material to put you to sleep perhaps, I blogged all the details of this Christmas ...

Cookie Monster holds a bunch of happy gingerbread men. From how I'd see

Don't be surprised if the star on top of your Christmas tree seems slightly closer to the ground this year. This season's trees are shorter than usual and ...

How Murray Saved Christmas: Classic Christmas book by Mike Reiss! https://t.co/hCkU0iTSAK pic.twitter.com/Nii0mKHm5C

American Church in Paris December 20, ...

My mom started a tradition of decorating gingerbread at Hollygrove before I was born. This will be my 2nd year attending, but this will be the first year my ...

... T shirts, shorts, panties, shoes. AND... If you want to deliver some dresses on a future mission trip, let them know. Contact New Hope Christian Church!


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... the snow was packing really well. So, "we" made a big snowman. Passing neighbors were slowing down to admire him. All in all it was about two hours; ...


STEVE HOWE “Chris and Jon didn't get on. I said, 'OK, I'll run the band then.'” 2018 Prog God's most revealing interview yet

(13.99/102), 15

... Attack-hit Berlin Christmas market to reopen

The extras are delightful too. There's a pretty healthy dose of "Behind the Street" footage that shows the cast and crew working on the show, ...

Hey, did you see the Sesame Street special Families Stand Together, which aired a couple weeks back on PBS? It was scheduled for a Wednesday night, ...


After spending last Christmas with seals and penguins in the sub-Antarctic, a British scientist is on his way home to swap seabirds for turkey.

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The other thing Mazzy and Harlow love to do is bake. In fact, if you ask Harlow, despite all the singing and dancing, she will always say that she wants to ...

Episode 364 is here!

Review: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson #2

... international box office smash?

Death at Christmas

The Odd-father: Attempting to do Robert De Niro she tucked her mouth into