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I would have loved to see Zeref fight with team natsu Fairy tail

I would have loved to see Zeref fight with team natsu Fairy tail


I would have loved to see Zeref fight with team natsu

Fairy Tail 465 - Zeref telling Natsu that he is his brother

Fairy tail 464: natsu vs zeref Omg! Zeref is finally going to die! 1/2

Zeref like his mother. Natsu more like his father :3 .

Then Zeref made thousands of demons, all with the intent on destroying him.

Fairy Tail - Natsu VS Zeref - 7

Angry Natsu Dragneel and Confused Zeref Dragneel // Zeref's expression is priceless.

Natsu & Zeref Natsu Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Art, Fairy Tail Love, Fairy

Natsu and Zeref. I'm dying to know what kind of relationship they have.

enter image description here

Omg, what would happen if they fight each other or fight together when pissed off?

Dragneel brothers by AyuMichi-me Fairy Tail Quotes, Anime Fairy, Fairy Tail Manga

Living with Zeref{FAIRY TAIL}. Fanfiction. Team Natsu ...

Fairy Tail Chapter 464 : END Natsu vs Zeref - Natsu's Mother Revealed! - YouTube

Natsu, Lucy, Grey, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Jellal, Erza, Zeref, and Mavis

Fairy Tail DVD 26.jpg

Natsu vs. Zeref manga chapter | Fairy Tail | Pinterest | Fairy tail, Fairy tail manga and Manga

List of Fairy Tail characters

Natsu Dragneel is a demon created by Zeref who descended from Simple family as Zeref Said in chapter 510 "Natsu's Heart" After human Natsu lost his life ...

Natsu : *I 'll defeat him * Z

Natsu and zeref child Fairy Tail Drawing, Fairy Tail Art, Fairy Tail Love,

Fairy Tail Episode 201 (Series 2 Ep 26) フェアリーテイル Anime Review -- Lucy's Chest = Zeref Vs Mavis - YouTube

I understand he hasn't because he hasn't decided if he would side with Acnologia or Humanity but I mean if he did why couldn't he and why didn't he just ...

Natsu and zeref. Natsu and zeref Fairy Tail ...

Natsu and Zeref Dragneel: Brotherly Love

Fairy Tail brother's fight

Zeref, starring Mavis and Natsu. Fairy Tail Ships, Fairy Tail Love, Mavis

Natsu E.N.D Death Scene Vs Zeref & Acnologia Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 545 & Beyond Predictions - YouTube

But the rule says that statues or people above 80 are not allowed to get out from the guild. So why can't Natsu and Gajeel get out? fairy-tail

As natsu and lucy get ready to go and see zeref natsu already know were gray is, gray arrives before zeref eyed ready for a fight .

Speed Drawing - Zeref | Natsu (Fairy Tail) - YouTube Natsu Drawing, Fairy

E.N.D (Fairy tail an END story)

Fairy tail x sister/child/baby/teen reader *REQUEST OPEN*

Let's Look: Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episode 26:Even Moles Love Lucy and Zeref vs. Mavis

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Fairy Tail Natsu Saves Lucy - NaLu Moments!

Fairy Tail - Natsu x Zeref (Book 1) 《Remastered》|A Zertsu

Real E.N.D.

Fairy Tail 416 Erza and Jellal by reikaiyusuki

I mean the only reason he's like this is because he never felt the love he needed, the only who did that was Natsu (not anymore) and Mavis (but he killed ...

Fairy Tail

A Little Bit of Love (Fairy Tail fanfic)

The upcoming installment of Fairy Tail will not pick up where the previous one left off. However, chapter 525 will still be as interesting as any other ...

Fairy Tail

#FairyTail #Natsu #EdensZero

After this chapter, I truly do believe that the doors are always open as well.

Fairy Tail - Zeref, Brandish, and Invel (English Dub)

List of Fairy Tail chapters (volumes 46–63)

We will get Fairy Tail chapter 508 the moment it will be release, so be sure to check this page regularly for the update.

The Books of Dragneel

NEW Fairy Tail Anime Returns! 2018 Final Series - Episode 278

Fairy Tail - Natsu & Lucy Married : Natsu's Big Announcement! A Love Story

N i t

Fairy Tail Blog XD

Fairy Tail Theory. Silver and Grey? Natsu and Zeref? What's the Connection!! - YouTube

Truth (A Fairy Tail Fanfic). Fanfiction. Team Natsu ...

I Can Love Too ( Zeref X Hale )

In the modern era, Zeref seeks to isolate himself and is very calm, sincere, and conflicted. He wishes to die to atone for all the sins he has committed, ...

Fairy Tail - Natsu x Zeref yaoi (Book 1)

The one i love(Zeref X Lucy)

A all out battle of Acnologia vs Zeref

Fairy Tail Relationships


Fairy Tail Chapter 504 spoilers


Natsu's Twin Sister!

Fairy Tail Zero, volume 1.jpg

... Natsu to kill him before that time occurs.

Advertisement: Natsu's speech about why he's ...

N i t

Gray and Natsu

Natsu found out he's E.N.D. I should also mention Zeref created those Demon known as Zeref's Demons to kill him because he didn't want to live with out his ...

Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル Natsu Doraguniru) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, where he is a member of Team Natsu. He is the younger brother of Zeref ...

Zeref X Reader X Natsu A Fairy's tale

Natsu is END.

N i t

Lumen Histoire Mavis Vermillion

Fairy Tail Zeref's Awakening

Show me a more perfect page in the 545 chapters of Fairy Tail than this one.

Not too sure on that, but overall an okay chapter but would've liked to have seen more from Jacob who didn't seem to be on par with some of the other 12


Natsu. Zeref. Round 2

fairy tail, zeref, and natsu image

Fairy Tail 532 .

Kodansha Comics Official Website"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized on the "Weekly ...

The main female protagonist of the Fairy Tail series

This "Blaze Dragon King Mode" ...

Fairy Tail - Natsu END vs Gray Devil Slayer Final Fight

Natsu and Erza

anime, manga, and fairy tail image