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Kiibo and Ouma 13 Danganronpa Stuffz t Danganronpa

Kiibo and Ouma 13 Danganronpa Stuffz t Danganronpa


New Danganronpa V3 || Kokichi Ouma || Kiibo New Danganronpa V3, Super Danganronpa

One of the most popular Ouma ships and to be honest, I'm not really fond of it. I have a lot of fanarts of this ship because,and I think everyone can agree, ...

Image result for ouma x kiibo New Danganronpa V3, Super Danganronpa, Video Game Anime

Ouma Kokichi and Kiibo | Danganronpa V3

Kiibo K1-B0 Keebo & Kokichi Ouma Danganronpa V3 Characters, Danganronpa 3, Ouma

Keebo as a Ultimate Supreme Leader and Kokichi as a Ultimate Robot Danganronpa Game, All

I don't ship it but this is so cute! Ouma Kokichi, Danganronpa

Kiibo + Miu

The More I Know It. Part 3/20 | Danganronpa [The Fandom is my Therapy for the Story] | Pinterest | I know, Comics and Ouma kokichi

Kiibo - Kiibo is a character who I trusted from the start. The moment his famitsu came out, I knew Kiibo was going to be an innocent sweetheart, ...

Gonta, Rantaro, Kiibo, Kokichi and Shuichi are fine af Danganronpa 3, Anime

Libro de Danganronpa

Edit: Actually Kiibo considered Ouma a friend so UwU

To cute T^T Danganronpa Characters, Danganronpa 3, Nagito Komaeda, All Games

Danganronpa V3, Gravity Falls, Otp

Hiyo, while I planned to make my Angie and Iruma analysis along with the ships post first, I wanted to get this out of the way celebrating Ouma's birthday.

New Danganronpa V3 || Amami Rantaro || Gonta Gokuhara || Kiibo || Ryouma Hoshi || Kokichi Ouma || Shuichi Saihara || Kaito Momota || Korekiyo Shinguji

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What in the holy hell...OUMA! DON'T DIE ON ME!! | Danganronpa | Pinterest | Danganronpa v3, Comics and Anime

New DanganRonpa V3 || Kokichi Ouma || Rantaro Amami || Akamatsu Kaede |

It's a slow process, but it doesn't seem like Iruma really minds all that much.

Danganronpa V3 Bonus Mode K1-B0 Sprite (13).png Super Danganronpa,

The More I Know It. Part 9/20 | Danganronpa [The Fandom is my Therapy for the Story] | Pinterest | I know, Comics and Ouma kokichi

Yes, i'm playing by the already established hcs about this and going with the route that the SHSL Supreme Leader wasn't all that supreme in reality.

Danganronpa Funny, Its Okay, Homestuck, Sprites, Chibi, Geek Stuff, Gaming

Oma Kokichi, Kiibo ,Iruma Miu, Saihara shuichi, Kaito Momota ,Maki Harukawa and Kaede Akamatsu //New Dangan Ronpa V3 Killing Harmony

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9/13 Danganronpa 3, Ouma Kokichi

Kokichi Ouma • Kaito Momota • DICE New Danganronpa V3, Super Danganronpa, All Anime

When I finally decide how I want to draw Kiibo is the day I start my comic! I need to make sure that it looks good haha~

Kiibos personality would actually..change a lot despite actually being a special case? Seeing as he is one of the many "cameras" for team Dangan Ronpa, ...

Bio Since Oct 2017 (1 Year)

Akamatsu Kaede || Kokichi Ouma || Rantaro Amami || Ibuki Mioda || Sonia Nevermind || Kiibo || Saihara Shuuichi || Hajime Hinata || Naegi Makoto || Miu Iruma ...

A Helping Hand Oumasai Pg 4/6 New Danganronpa V3, Super Danganronpa, Ouma

Danganronpa V3 || •Boyfriend Scenarios• by -OneCrazyFangurl-

... the monster au idea since I just can't find the motivation to draw stuff for it. However, I did edit a sprite yesterday out of boredom so here!

The people have choosen it seems, and i shall deliver! Actually, i'm rather happy that i'm starting out with these two..because to be honest, ...

Danganronpa v3 stuff by MunkiSmol

We can't begin the story without talking about our female protagonist, right? I've seen many asks themselves in the end of the day..was she a real ...


6.Kirumi - My favorite character pre-release and I still love her. While I do not excuse her actions in chapter 2, Kirumi is a sweet and well mannered ...

I'll go in depth with his lies next, but this is a core element of his character. So that's the premise of Ouma. Let's get into the actual character now.

(Art source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=62802014)

Danganronpa V3 Smut

I made some cookie versions of danganronpa v3 characters! I didn't do all of them,,,yet. But here's my first batch!

"heh Kiibo look" "Ouma-kun why."

New DanganRonpa V3 || Kokichi Ouma || Himiko Yumeno || Rantaro Amami

[CLOSED] amour ➳ New Danganronpa V3 by -seliph


Danganronpa x Reader Lemons by Te11ThemNaegi

Dream ~ Rantarou Amami x Kokichi Ouma(Oumami) [Smut] by akirasvoredaddy


“Ouma..what are getting at? Is this another one of your pranks?”

Even though you haven't told anyone except Miu for a brief moment, you still wish someone would know today was the day of your creation.

XD CAN'T STOP LAUGHING Ouma Kokichi, Danganronpa Memes, Vocaloid, Anime Art

Danganronpa V3 x Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed)

Danganronpa V3 - K1-B0 Free Time Events

ndrv3 x reader » oneshots

Danganronpa Ask or Dare

3.Iruma -The funniest character in the series in my opinion. Iruma is a load, boastful, sexual fanatic who constantly calls everyone names and screams ...

#amamirantarou #amamixkiibo #amamixouma #amiibo #danganronpa #danganronpav3 #gay #kokichiouma #oumakokichi #oumami #oumaxreader #saihara #saiharaxreader ...

New Danganronpa V3 - Chapter 2(English sub) - Part 1[ABNORMAL DAYS]

Danganronpa V3 Fairy Tale Keychain Strap Figure Ouma Kokichi Akamatsu Kaede

Shuichi Saihara and Kokichi Ouma - Relationship overview

Amami X Ouma X Saihara by Mirei-d0. #13

Seeing as you cant be brainwashed into actually knowing your talents, i'm fairly sure that Iruma before the game had a minor interest in inventing.

Danganronpa v3 random collections.

Danganronpa V3 - Ouma x Kaede <3 Danganronpa V3 Characters, New Danganronpa V3

K1-B0 (Kiibo) x Ouma fun

and yeah no color because I this is only a pencil drawing... so umm miss/sir Hiruwaka just PM me if you wanna know the colors :)

Chapter 2 pretty much exists to establish Maki and Ouma into becoming main characters of the story and building up Kaito and Saihara's relationship, ...

New Danganronpa V3 - Angie Consoles Gonta [ENGLISH FANDUB]

MMD Miu x Kiibo in a nutshell

DRV3 one shots

Danganronpa: B e f o r e || Tsumugi Shirogane || MAJOR V3 SPOILERS

Chapter 3, Ouma and Maki are now much more relevant characters and contribute more than they did in the first two chapters. This chapter is, for the most ...

Danganronpa V3 x Reader Headcanons

3 Things [Shuich Saihara x Kokichi Ouma x Kiibo x Reader]

College Life ~Danganronpa~ ~COMPLETED~ by Greedy_Queen. #13

#amamirantarou #amamixkiibo #amamixouma #amiibo #danganronpa #danganronpav3 #gay #kokichiouma #oumakokichi #oumami #oumaxreader #saihara #saiharaxreader ...

summer | ndrv3 oneshots [C L O S E D]

I was boring and i'd make this like... In 2 hrs

Ouma x Amami - (lemon) by lightbulbbae

New Danganronpa V3, Ouma Kokichi, All Games, Manga Girl, Anime Girls,

#akamatsukaede #anime #danganronpa #danganronpafanfic #danganronpaoneshots #danganronpav3 #drv3 #fanfic #fanfiction #kaitomomota #kibo #kirumitojo ...

This is a year old but it's still one of my favorite drawings! Happy Birthday


Killer in the Mirror | Closed Danganronpa MEP (8/20 done)

We're all children of kiibouma ( @sparkly_kiibouma ). Dangit Kiibo!

🌿Danganronpa One-Shots🌿

#danganronpacosplay #sdr2 #ndrv3 #danganronpa #shuichi #shuichisaihara #kaede #kaedeakamatsu #kokichi #kokichiouma #kiibo #maki #kaito #kaitomomota #rantaro ...

Happy Birthday Ouma🎉

Oh thanks god, that it's not me #danganronpa #danganronpav3killingharmony # kiibo #robot

#inktober2018 day thirteen we have the king of liars himself Kokichi Ouma from #danganronpav3killingharmony