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Nisekoi ova 3 Chitoge t Ova and Nisekoi

Nisekoi ova 3 Chitoge t Ova and Nisekoi


Nisekoi ova 3

This would have required multiple screenshots, but I've now realized that when a character in Nisekoi appears in an episode, Shaft likes to over emphasize ...

Ah, here's the explanation to Shaft's madness. It has the camera switched because it is more logical. As the camera is now, it gives a great view of ...

Paula and Shuu V2 Fuu too!

Ecchi Nisekoi OVA 2 Alchohol Chocolate Scene

You're fast . . . some snapshot .

Nisekoi OVA 2 Review-Marika's Job and Drunk Chitoge

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Haru is here!

Cover of the first DVD volume of Nisekoi released by Aniplex, featuring Chitoge Kirisaki.

The camera pans from their lower body up. Nothing special to mention here other than Haru appeared in the episode.

The shots here are roughly the same, but Shaft can afford to zoom out some.

OVA: Bath House/Service Poster

It took every ounce of restraint in my body to not release it with this.

Nisekoi OVA - Ruri and her lost glasses

Nisekoi- Drunk And Sexy Onodera :v Eng Sub

Latest Anime Funny Moments Video #3 HD feat Nisekoi OVA

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Nisekoi Drunken Chitoge

Chitoge ...

Manga version of the naked girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright, so this episode of fanservice begins with Raku going to a local public bath. The camera work is basic. Like in the manga, the anime shows Raku ...


"Nisekoi" OVA: Bath House/Service (TV Episode 2015) - IMDb

Today i'll be talking about the end of Nisekoi. So spoilers obviously. This will be a summary of what happened in the end for those who are too lazy to read ...

Nisekoi OVA 2 Drunk Onodera theme song (Kokai)

Nisekoi OVA - Just show me some more!!!

Nisekoi OVA Description: Read High Quality scans of Nisekoi Manga Online | Nisekoi Forum



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Chitoge's lips though this episode. And lol her ribbons.

Nisekoi: Four Seasons

Nisekoi. Raku Ichijo is an average high school student. He also happens to be the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza Family called the Shuei-gumi.

Nisekoi girls Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, and Marika

Nisekoi-Season-2-Visual-01_Haruhichan.com · Nisekoi OvaAnime ...

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Nisekoi OVA Oct 3, awww yiiissss

Nisekoi, Kirisaki Chitoge, Honda (Nisekoi) Hyouka, Nisekoi, Mobile Wallpaper,

Nisekoi Kirisaki chitoge <3

... Childlike Chitoge, ...

nisekoi season 2 review 3

ova 4 anime nise koi - Tìm với Google

Raku X Chitoge Moment [Chapter ...

Nisekoi Kirisaki chitoge <3

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i just leave this here

Thank you, based Shaft.


Yui Kanakura

Nisekoi · download Nisekoi image

Mikage is a friend of Marika's back at her old school. She views herself as being that of a big sister to Marika. Unlike Marika, Mikage doesn't hide her ...

permalink ...

'Episode 18.. Still #TeamOnodera #TeamOnoderaFTW!'

'I have a lot ^^'

As the camera is now, it gives a great view of characters that enter either bath without having change to a new view point. Once again, Komi's work with ...

Chitoge Kirisaki one true best girl, S.S Chitoge full speed ahead! Definitely looking forward to season 2.


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(Spoilers) Chitoge and Onodera scene ...

Last time, I mentioned that Komi's work with a camera angle during a scene in the manga made less sense than the camera angle in Shaft's adaption.

An error occurred.

Chitoge tho ...

Chitoge and Her FriendsImage ...

Latest Anime Funny Moments Video #3 HD feat Nisekoi OVA 2 part 1 2016

'An Awesome Chitoge Fan Art Drawing ^.^ Source: http://

OVA: Newlyweds/Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan! Poster

As expected, Marika looked adorable in a waitress outfit.

... adapt Komi's "Shinkon" manga bonuses in the fourth volume (Kosaki) and the booklets bundled with the 16th (Marika), 17th (Tsugumi), and 21st ( Chitoge) ...


NISEKOI False Love Season 1-2 + 3 OVA Anime DVD

Nisekoi: Tachibana's cute scene

Nisekoi: False Love

Season 1 Episode Guide


The 2nd half was the magical patissiere kosaki chan.mmmm it was a good and funny half of the episode ...


... center of attention without Chitoge anywhere in the shot. Considering they are using moving images, they have the ability to do that rather than Komi ...

The 2nd half was the magical patissiere kosaki chan.mmmm it was a good and funny half of the episode ...