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Preparing Northern Hives for Winter 9 Ways beehives Best

Preparing Northern Hives for Winter 9 Ways beehives Best


Winter is coming…

An eke or spacer rim provide room for emergency sugar feeding.

So it's time to start thinking about how to protect the hives from the northern weather to come. The hardest part about winter beekeeping in the north is ...

How to Prepare Beehives to Stay Alive in the Winter

Preparing Beehives For Winter, NEW methods - Beekeeping 101 - GardenFork

prepping bee hives for winter


Marie ...

October Beehive Inspection - setting up for a northern winter

As bees take their winter snooze, beekeepers and urban gardeners can join forces to help keep the honey flowing.

How To Prepare Honey Bee Hives For Winter

Preparing your bee hive for winter

Preparing Honeybees For Winter/ Ventilation/ Part 2 of 6

Rob Feeding bees

We're still having warm days here in Michigan, but the flowers are dying. This limits the bees natural food availability. To prevent them from tapping into ...

As a beginning beekeeper, you're not limited to one type of hive design. Give some additional consideration to best home for your bees.

Bees are quite active during cold weather, but things are different. Workers live longer, for one, and there are no drones.

Preparing a Honey Bee Hive for Fall or Winter

Important Facts You Need to Know About Bee Hives in Winter - Carolina Honeybees

When to harvest honey depends on multiple factors including your region, the time of year and your bees. Here are the signs that tell you honey is ready.

Insulated Moisture Quilt

LESSON 9: Packaged Bees and How to Care for Them

heater bees. “

Beehives in winter

Beekeeping Basics - How To Spring Clean a Beehive

Langstroth hive

How To Overwinter Bees In A Northern Climate

Spring time hive inspection in Canada after treatment with MAQS in the previous Autumn.

bee frame

Actually the preparation should have begun weeks ago (Beekeeping Calendar for B.C.). The main reasons our bees die over the winter is starvation, ...

Might we be doing more harm than good by feeding our bees in times of dearth? Here are three reasons I believe the answer might be "yes."

Two beekeepers walk you through a monthly schedule of easy-to-follow beekeeping tasks according to region.

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How To Make A Bee Hive Quilting Box (Winter Moisture Box)

Honeybees are busy workers, but they don't like bumping into one another

A swarm to backyard beekeeping

Beekeeping Winterizing. 1 of 9

Carolina Nyarady pulls out a part of a beehive to check on her bees to ensure

Rachel MAckey, a 4-H volunteer from Kent County with an interest in beekeeping

Wonder Contributors

Leave some honey in the hive for the bees

beekeeping. 3 of 9

Wild Hill Honey Vandalism

Image titled Winterize Bee Hives Step 1

Checking hives in winter

Two hives after installation of bees

Honey Bees surviving during Winter. With enough stored honey for winter and enough bees to

Tilly's Nest: DIY: Winter Beehive Quilting Box to help control moisture and humidity in the hives.

Preparing Honeybees For Winter/ Food Store And Feeding/ Part 3 of 6

Bee hives in winter look deserted but they are not! Honey bees have a special

Honeybees swarm on a comb in a beehive

Double deeps, all mediums, a mix of deeps and shallows – the number of

Bees marching into their new home

Beekeeping for Beginners -- Hive Set Up

Give your hive a running start on the cold season ahead by making sure they're well-fed, warm and predator-free.


Beginning Beekeeping Tanya Phillips Central Texas Gardener


queen bee brood bees

Causes of Winter Losses

Hives strapped down against winter winds

Another ...

Beekeeping Myths

It's not too cold to open a hive that needs attention, even in snow. Pixabay photo.

What you should do now, for both hives, is beekeeping 101. Your immediate concern should be to check for the presence of a queen by looking for eggs and ...

There are few hard, set in concrete rules in beekeeping despite what some will tell you. Whether to buy a bee nuc or package depends like a lot of things on ...


The hole in the top box should be open. If you do not have a hole for an upper entrance you should drill one now. Make it below the handle.

Feeding honey bees sugar water during hard times increases chances of beekeeping success. Carolina Honeybees

Feeding Bees in Winter + Early Spring Hive Inspection -- tips on how a beekeeper

Bees eat about 100 pounds of honey during the winter.

A Swarm of Controversy