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Robot Might be Autistic 4chan Text Stories t Funny

Robot Might be Autistic 4chan Text Stories t Funny


Robot Might be Autistic Weighted Blanket, Funny Stories, Funny Comics, Robot, Funny

Robot has weird autistic fetishes ...

Autism SpeaksRobot ...

Shitty CropRobots a 31 year old neet ...

Poor robot Rawr Xd, Bad Memes, Best Funny Pictures, Funny Pics, Girls

Anon works at McDonalds ...

7:31 AM - 12 Aug 2017

Anon has to sit next to the autistic kid ...

Poor robot. Poor robot Messages, Humor ...

Anon is a raptor(x-post from r/4chan) ...

Anon wants to erase a race Dankest Memes, Best Memes, Funny Memes, Jokes

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Robot writes a poem- the full story ...

You Know This Post Funny Pics, Funny Memes, Funny Pictures, Short Stories,

/b/ raids "50 million names" pro-life website that tweets user inputted names (oldequals will remember this) ...

Anon defends his Manlet brothers Funny Pics, Funny Stuff, Funny Pictures, Brother,

Anon is autistic ...

Anon teaches a new way browse 4chan while working

Witnesses describe the Las Vegas mass shooting Funny Cute, Creepy Facts, Get Shot,

Never thought I'd see a 4chan Green Text story posted on Tumblr


Autism is my super power ...

Autism or moment of being alpha? Find this Pin and more on 4chan Text Stories ...

6:34 AM - 24 Apr 2017

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Anonymous 10/27/14(Mon)23:38:22 No.

4chan takes an autism test

4chan greentext on Twitter: "Robot shares his anime club experience. https://t.co/vkrhf5srl5 - read more 4chan stories: https://t.co/0ICZ0Bkdeu… "


Pretty Princess Points

Didn't see that shit coming XP. Find this Pin and more on 4chan Text Stories ...

r/metalgearsolid - Friend shared this with me, thought it was too good not to show you guys if you haven't seen it!

Anon watches Mr. Robot ...

Robot finds social success from using 4chan ...

one of my favorites and a close second ...

Police Funny Stories, Puns, Wednesday, Funny Comics, Police, Random, Jokes

11:18 PM - 22 Feb 2017

/v/irgin impresses the girls with his beyblade skills

Who Are the 'Incels' of 4chan, and Why Are They So Angry?

Spaghetti Stories

4chan greentext on Twitter: "Robots discuss hobbies https://t.co/zblPdTJD5l - read more 4chan stories: https://t.co/0ICZ0Bkdeu… "

Anon has fun with marbles (x-post from /r/4chan) ...

4chan greentext on Twitter: "Robot goes to a college party https://t.co/pwLoEJovRp - read more 4chan stories: https://t.co/0ICZ0Bkdeu… "

11:35 AM - 24 Nov 2016

Green Text Story no. 178: “The Robot”

Robot is Lord Snow

3:41 AM - 4 Jan 2017

This screenshot of an archived version of a post on 4chan shows that an anonymous user posted a warning not to "go to school tomorrow if you are in the ...

09-13-2010, 03:13 AM uboodiff I gotta axe you sumtin

Trouble with older son (1 Post) Janice1975 Sun 25-Jan-15 18

2:53 PM - 15 Apr 2018

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Do X and I'lI give you money Autistic Screeching Anonymous ID:jgHjwdzz Sat

7-22-2016: The Day Anon fucked up https://twitter.com/4chansbest/status/756693567729434624/photo/1pic.twitter.com/K7rNTSGXCj - read more 4chan stories: ...

“We were glad that Asperger's was included,” says psychologist Bryna Siegel, another working-group member, who directs clinical care at the autism clinic at ...

View SameGoogleImgOpsiqdbSauceNAO hiroshima.jpg, ...

Anon's Vietnam story

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Robot earns his tendies. 4chan tales

Do X and l'll give you money okay *autistic screeching

The “Pepe the Frog” meme, which serves as a kind of mascot for members of 4chan's /r9k/. (Via Know Your Meme)

What can we say about the animating force behind r/The_Donald? For one, it's not universal among Trump supporters; nearly 63 million Americans voted for ...


Inside Elsagate, the conspiracy-fueled war on creepy YouTube kids videos

4chan users on /r9k/ believe there is a "psyop" attempting to convince

Post ...


Thread by @cheorryeclipse: "Ok remember this bot? Ha ha funny, right? Well there's a lot more than meets the eye here and I'm about to fall down the rabbit ...

67KiB, 540x720, symmetra_retarded_confirmed.jpg

Post ...

We seem to be lacking in greentext memes. Have this, on me

/pol/ - Politically Incorrect » Thread #25288061

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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect » Thread #142564039

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Image: https://img.ifcdn.com/images/82401cd3908479ef32d66664b5568665b64f55640b4ac7aaaa1c7f0b2b2a67bd_1.jpg

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#Tay Tweets TayTweets @TayandYou Folgen TayTweetsO ' Follow @BASED_ANON I fucking love 4chan

/tg/ - Traditional Games » Thread #53273655

/r9k/ sums up Valentines Day