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SO GOOD YES LIKE THIS More Birds of a feather t

SO GOOD YES LIKE THIS More Birds of a feather t


The long-tailed widowbird sports a tail three times longer than its body.

It is almost a wonder that the long-tailed widowbird can take flight with such

The golden pheasant is a pleasure to watch as it roams on the ground.

Today we will explore the spectacular tails that some birds possess, many of which most of us have not seen.

Pink and grey bird on branch with wings extended

Researchers have found that male birds with longer tails are more popular.


This species has a beautiful crest of feathers on its head to balance out its racket

Wilson's bird-of-paradise

Small birds like this European robin puff up their feathers in order to trap more air

BIRDS OF A FEATHER | Official Music Video | Theme From “Chicken Girls”

The Anna's hummingbird

Birds of a feather

Photo via PxHere. “

Birds of a feather: Pigeon head crest findings extend to domesticated doves

Flightless Bird Mystery Solved, Say Evolutionary Scientists

Birds are incredibly beautiful and come in so many shapes, sizes and colours that they never cease to amaze me.

Meet Your Common Urban Birds


Illustration by Muhammad Faizan


How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? | Super Powered Owls | BBC - YouTube

You'd have to give birth to a 30-pound baby to truly know how a kiwi bird feels | Popular Science

Normal Parrot Behavior

Even more than big game, waterfowl and upland birds require careful handling and storage if you want to preserve them for taxidermy work. Delicate feathers ...

Picture of Crafting and Storage

birds with most beautiful crests

Image titled Clean a Bird Step 1

While it adds to the owl's mystique, silent flight serves a very practical purpose. It helps this nocturnal creature sneak up on its prey.

A ...

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sparrow in hand

winter birds

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This Beautiful Parrot May Be the World's Smartest Bird

The most beautiful white peacock opening feathers.

Paper is incredibly versatile and as soon as I started to experiment with it I fell in love! It translates amazingly well into feathers ...

An elderly Lutino Lovebird (over 20 years old) that developed red feathers in the

Now for the birds that command the sky and don't give hoot I am down below.

As In Our Time explores how even tiny songbirds are able to travel thousands of miles to warmer climes each year, here are some fascinating revelations from ...

Birds of a feather: Pigeon head crest findings extend to domesticated doves

Image titled Keep a Lovebird As a Pet Step 1

birds flying

feather quote - Google Search More

Scientists have shown that peacocks shake their tails when displaying (stock image) to make

European Robin Eating Bread

Everything you think you know about bald eagles is wrong

Soaring and flapping

blue and gold macaw

Bird cats

By Barry Yeoman

Saving the albatross: 'The war is against plastic and they are casualties on the frontline' | Environment | The Guardian

Blue Tit on Suet Balls


Wikimedia Commons

... feathers on the face and head area. An example of this is the cockatiel. In this picture the orange area on the side of the head is where the ear is ...


Pine Siskin on Nyjer Feeder

Research on pigeon color reveals mutation hotspot

Tambako The Jaguar

Cat Toy Feather Wand (Includes 3x Feather Refills) - These Natural Feathers are Guaranteed

Junco fledgling MAII illustrates the awkwardness via interpretive dance.


Kestrels are most commonly seen hovering, in search of prey.

(Yes, crow rather than raven because they are so incredibly intelligent. and ravens bite): Couldn't disagree more, have had both, they're both great animals ...

Zebra finches fire up brain regions and vibrate their vocal cords in ways that mimic singing, even while asleep. (Flickr/Michael Lawton)

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Sparrow flying above wheat field



How Birds Really See the World