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See this is why I love Homestuck cosplayers They look so weird to

See this is why I love Homestuck cosplayers They look so weird to


See this is why I love Homestuck cosplayers. They look so weird to non-Homestucks so they have really funny stories

FANWORKYou guys seemed to like my Doc Scratch cosplay so here's my Aimless Renegade (i.redd.it)

Kurloz looks like a middle school band teacher. < < YES

CosplayI ...

*gasp Homestuck Cosplay, Homestuck Funny, Homestuck Trolls, Davekat, Nerd, Fandoms

FANWORKhello, I've cosplayed vriska twice now so I am posting them here. enjoy ...

Inside the strange, brave new world of Homestuck

OMG the fandom people of Homestuck I love you//////look at the horses face!

thats dave thats what true dave looks like

You know what, Homestuck fandom? Yous guys are alright. Im pretty impressed with this ive never seen a homestuck cosplay like in this form < < That's one of ...

122 best Homestuck {funny} images on Pinterest | Homestuck funny, Homestuck comic and Homestuck cosplay

See more. Vriska, no. VRISKA STOP. Homestuck Funny, Homestuck Comic, Homestuck Trolls,

Mollie (left) cosplaying Black Gold Saw, and Katie (right) cosplaying Dead

What Is People Wore Cosplay As A Normal Every Day Clothing Style

The most popular, epic webcomic you've never heard of

A: Actually, it's so not weird for a girl to cosplay as a guy. Some of my girl Cosplay friends only Cosplay boys. I think this is a normal phenomenon.

MS Paint Adventures began as a weird webcomic where reader suggestions dictated the action every day, leading to predictably silly ends.

FANWORKJade Harley cosplay ...

FANWORKKanaya Maryam Cosplay ...

If you've been to a comic convention lately and seen a giant group of teenagers giggling about something you don't understand, they were almost certainly ...

FANWORKJade Harley Cosplay ...

I'm already considering a few cosplay ideas for next year

Karkat and Dave XD Dave does not look amused

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Homestuck cosplay ...

A group of cosplayers portraying characters from Homestuck at MCM London Comic Con in 2014

Look at this picture. That's a Chaos Space Marine armor I made almost entirely from exercise mats and hot glue. It's a thrill to actually get into the armor ...

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 1

CosplayThis is the fourth time I'm posting my Lapis Lazuli cosplay here but you all seem to love it and I got new pictures back so hello (i.redd.it)

Welcome to Reddit,

The Best Cosplay Youtube Channels from thousands of top Cosplay Youtube Channels in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a ...

gamzeehonkmakara-mama-homestuck dirkology: so im messing around in my dave cosplay right

My Neophyte Redglare Cosplay ...

Quote: I love Homestuck, and cosplay especially, because it makes it easy to find people with things in common with you. I've always been really, ...

Edit: Thank you so so much for the feature!!!

(Edit: 1/20/13: These are some more relevant things that I have written on this subject. I will attempt to comment to anybody who speaks with me by the way.


... to show my bulge to everyone. also the caution tape falls off if you keep it on for too long so i was covered in more tape that makes it stick ...

Cosplayer : Ayuru Character Name : Meenah Peixes Series Name : Homestuck Comments : I really love Meenah, and this cosplay was so funny and comfortable to ...

“So if batman was a cowboy, we said 'What would the rest of the roles look like?', and we said the Joker would look kinda like this.” With the dramatic ...

/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Cosplayers of reddit, what is the cringiest interaction you've had at an event? : AskReddit

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 2

For additional information there is a post on my blog straberry-witch about it so you might wanna check that out too. Remember only LA cosplayers are ...

Image titled Cosplay Step 4

I can't tell if this person is joking or just...*sigh*

My feferi peixes cosplay!

I fell in love with @kafkaeskin 's South Park/Homestuck Au, so I decided to cosplay from it! The AU ist just perfect and everyone who hasn't seen it yet ...

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 3

My Fantasystuck Jade Cosplay. Original design by Mookie000.

The art of cosplay is not the art of getting hit on

Image via Supergirl: Maid of Might

Is it weird to dress up like Batman in a world where he's probably friends with · ‹‹

Yo can you critique my makeup for equius?? I've improved a lot

The Man Behind Homestuck: An Interview with Andrew Hussie

Fun pop culture palm frond art. I recognize Ronald McDonald and Batman.

If this other person's cosplay is reallllyyyyy bothering you, tell a friend! Don't comment about it online publicly where they're going to see it!!!

I want to cosplay Vriska

I remember the first time I ever did cosplay. I was in high school and I dressed up as Chun-Li from Street Fighter. (I looked just like her at the time.

You look much better as X character!! Why this is rude: again, cosplayers are not cosplaying for you. They might just really love that character! or they ...

taffyartfull: “ chocolatula: “ “I threw together a truststuck Sollux cosplay, I

Anders as Mew Two, Pokemon: Mew Two Strikes Back Photo by Shila Forsman Photography

Why I Cosplay: Izumi Sena (Love Stage!!)

kellykirstein: “First day of Spring? See if I care. 🤷 ♀

Does Comic-Con really cater to otaku?

Photo courtesy of Devin Jones


“I'm so excited

I don't really cosplay homestuck much anymore but I do enjoy cosplaying Dirk here and there.so heres my dirk strider cosplay ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

so im at this weird place where i cosplay her just not 100% so i can look like a somewhat normal human being while cosplaying homestuck in public

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 7

Well Hi There, Sailor!



16 Cosplay Photo Editor Apps (For Mobile and Desktop)

10+ Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over The Years, And You Can Clearly See The Difference



O'MALLEY: As the story evolves, do you start feeling hamstrung by the use of chat logs? To me it adds a weird poignancy that later, even when they're ...

cosplay My art comic idk gender genderbend this is weird i dont even you know what

You look great! The person you're cosplaying with doesn't!/You're the best in your group! Why this is rude: why would you say to someone who is clearly ...

The logical conclusion.

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 5

These Cosplayers Are Showing Their Evolution In Instagram

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 4

Image titled Cosplay Step 20

I've always been interested in the ways different people interact with media they enjoy. Cosplay (a portmanteau of “costume play”) is a community within the ...

These Cosplayers Are Showing Their Evolution In Instagram

Image titled Cosplay a Homestuck Character Step 6

My Marble Hornets Cosplay Musical.lys. A Weird Cosplayer