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Tokyo Ghoul genderbend OCs pt1 t Tokyo ghoul Tokyo

Tokyo Ghoul genderbend OCs pt1 t Tokyo ghoul Tokyo


Kaneki Ken Genderbend (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul ☆ genderbend

Tokyo Ghoul Manga, Read Tokyo Ghoul, Character Ideas, Manga To Read, Anime

Tokyo Ghoul OC sheet - Arai Mitsuki by Yuminari on DeviantArt Naruto Oc, Naruto Girls

[Tokyo Ghoul] Yomo & Uta Genderbende -This is awesome :D though I love the guy versions better.

Juuzou and Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. ok I really don't ship them but omfg the 2 hottest guy from the show man < < < agreed, maybe not the ship part, ...

Tokyo Ghoul, Oc, Naruto, The Originals, Ships, Deviantart, Manga,

Kaneki Ken Genderbend Vocaloid, Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Cosplay, Cosplay Ideas, Cosplay Costumes,

Tokyo Ghoul // Suzuya Juuzou y Uta | my two favs from Tokyo ghoul

So I drew kaneki and his genderbend.... I'm sort of

Tokyo Ghoul - Uta genderbend...how about instead he had a twin sister who got with Kaneki. Can you imagine their awesome looking children? If i could draw.

Ken Kaneki (genderbent and normal) — Tokyo Ghoul

Female Kaneki Ken Kaneki, Tsukiyama, Gender Bender, Tokyo Ghoul, Rule 63,

I don't know how to feel about this... Tokyo Ghoul and Studio Ghibli crossover.

Kaneki and Fem!Kaneki || TG

Tokyo Ghoul Uta genderbent~I'm actually gonna cut my hair like this so I might…

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Uta from Tokyo Ghoul by Adrian Draculaman Haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul, but wow

Amon, Kaneki, Ayato and Tatara - Tokyo Ghoul

i am a snartist | tokyo ghoul au part 1 / part 3 more ghoul.

Ayato | Tokyo Ghoul Deadman Wonderland, Tokyo Ghoul, Anime Guys, Manga Anime,

I really love this one! such good art and what I think kaneki would actually look like! | Tokyo Ghoul | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo and Anime

Steven Universe Tokyo Ghoul AU | Steven Universe: Tokyo Ghoul AU Part 2 by prpldragonart

️OC Tokyo Ghoul Arima, Hide Tokyo Ghoul,

Kaiya (Tokyo Ghoul OC) + OC info sheet by nefzclk

Sketchbook Drawings, Drawing Ideas, Tokyo Ghoul, Oc, Piercings, Ideas For Drawing

Tokyo Ghoul: Yandere!Touka Kirishima x Male Reader by TheNessY21 on DeviantArt

Tokyo ghoul oc: nozomi (re-upload) by you-may-call-me-meme

Tokyo Ghoul Ayato

You guys were born to make history~ //slapped

[COLLAB] 50 Facts About Tokyo Ghoul | Part 1 | Ghoul Amino

Miraculous Ladybug-Speededit: Tokyo Ghoul:Re-Kaneki and Sasaki~ {Original}-

Like Eto couldn't even keep up with his first attack.

A kaneki and Eto Edit [Tokyo Ghoul Edit #6]

Fem!Shironeki It's so ajdnkskanansksmaksndk Ngh! ❤ ❤ I really love her. The artist I think is Moi. ️OC:

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「Tokyo Ghoul : re」play


Maxresdefault by SharkyX7


Kuro. "

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... ghouls ...

Yoshimura Eto ( @one.eyed.queen ). Kagune #tokyoghoul ...

Like this?

I fucking love Leon so much

I'm too lazy to check, but is it the same place where Arima fought Shachi ...

... as ...



Diabolik Lovers en español

The Mask, Fan Fiction, Oc Base, Anime, Deviantart, Character, Tokyo

I'm really into this thing ...

I keep thinking what if Rize was a binge eater not because she was really hungry but maybe her Kagune is unique in a way that it harms her if she ...

by Kaisaki_Tokura. Follow

Do you guys, like, remember my first post? I redrew the first one xD BEHOLD Trash Can-San is my Insta lmao •>PROGRESS <• #CuratorReview

5. tokyo ghoul:re ...

Reflection shot

Tokyo ghoul final season :scream: I have nothing to say but.........wow....just wow ...

RANDOM SHIT!!!! - Sasaki Haise is the CCG version of Kaneki Ken? (SPOILERS XD) - Wattpad

-Tokyo Ghoulre -ep 11 .

Tokyo Ghoul monga

Estaba releyendo el calendario de Tokyo Ghoul del 2016 y no me acordaba de las lindas

quick remake oc: iwll find ac: will find lmao i forgot dt: any1

Yuri One-Shots & Lemons

Credits to owner. ecstaticnostalgia · Follow. Unfollow · tokyo ghoulfemale kaneki ken. 29 notes

How do you say 東京グール in Spanish?

#anime #ghoul #kagune #tokyoghoul #

Random Bnha Ocs - Wattpad

I am in the belief Kaneki will be officially paired with no one, but believe there will be obvious shipteases for both ...

Finished Drawing of Kaneki Ken From the Anime Tokyo Ghoul! First time ever drawing a

Kaneki learned from his interrogation with Madam A that ...

Hiya, what's up? Sorry for not being that active, college is horribly ruining me, but it's dandy. Btw, check out my instagram! ( _patchess_ )

... Tokyo ghoul but I hope you like this art! Zeldafan2355 +. Note: Here ya go! I don't exactly know what a kakuja means

tbh. leviisbutt · Follow. Unfollow · tokyo ghoul ...

chitoge · Follow. Unfollow · tokyo ghoulkanekikaneki kenfemale kaneki genderbend

Agradezco la traducción en ingles de @lovehentai-chan

[COLLAB] 50 Facts About Tokyo Ghoul | Part 1

True anime fans

How did i draw dis?

I love Tokyo Ghoul!! ^^ #tokyoghoul #otherpw #mangaart #art

Good morning lads That's bad it doesn't look like my OCs Have some my

It's highly likely that the ghouls dissolved into bottles or in other words blended into pure RC cell liquid, are being used as a source of life.

Eli hakuna your tittas you're upsetting the bae

... tokyo ghoul. About Eto vs Furuta: ...


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