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Traitor quotHanoi Janequot Fonda The Patriot Post Vietnam t

Traitor quotHanoi Janequot Fonda The Patriot Post Vietnam t


Hanoi Jane on North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun: A few hundred yards from the location of this photograph, American POWs were being subjected to all manner ...

Traitor: "Hanoi Jane" Fonda — The Patriot Post North Vietnam, Vietnam War

Well here is the new U.S. Sec. Of State Kerry speaking at a radical pro Communist North Vietnam Anti-War rally with co-anti American "Hanoi Jane Fonda" Sad ...

Vietnam: traitor Jane Fonda

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hanoi jane sitting on gun | Photo Hanoi Jane Fonda Vietnam

Jane Fonda........Wish she had stayed in Vietnam...I wonder how many Americans death she caused....understand her father Henry did not speak to her for ...

I'm amazed they spent as much time with her as they did. Notice the caption: She says the Hanoi photos were a "huge mistake." Not that going there and being ...

Traitor: "Hanoi Jane" Fonda — The Patriot Post Visit Vietnam, North Vietnam

Legally this makes him ineligible for the office of secretary of state.

Traitor: "Hanoi Jane" Fonda — The Patriot Post Vietnam Protests, Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam War: Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam War, North Vietnam, Brown Water Navy,

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Jane fonda during the Vietnam War - Google Search

Jane Fonda Traitor | In 1972 “Hanoi” Jane Fonda applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun .

I still believe she should have been arrested for treason the second she set foot on American soil!

Jane Fonda at press conference on returning from North Vietnam

Jane Fonda

A series of photos of her sitting at an NVA anti-aircraft battery earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” and the undying spite of Vietnam ...

Claim: John Kerry shares the stage with Jane Fonda during an anti-Vietnam War peace rally in 1971. Reality: The image of Kerry was taken at a 1971 Peace ...

PHOTOS OF HANOI JANE | Press Club Honors Hanoi Jane With Its “Visionary Award” Does Jane .

Hanoi Jane went into the Din of Ultra Communist North Vietnam, BUT Ratting Out Harvey was somehow way too much to ask for ?!?

Actress Jane Fonda cozies up to North Vietnamese, singing anti-war songs and encouraging Viet Cong soldiers to fight "American imperialists"

“Hanoi Jane” Jane Fonda during vietnam war siting a NVA gun platform that previously shot American pilots down.

(Editor's Note: Trump supporters, before sending hate email, actually read this column and then see the disclaimer. Read Alexander's latest analysis, ...

Jane Fonda, best known anti-war protester of the Vietnam War. Rather tame picture; you should look for the one of her actually sitting in a North Vietnamese ...

I felt the people of Vietnam had suffered with our “failure” and would harbor great resentment towards Americans. I felt reluctant to return to a place with ...

I hate this commie bitch. I hope there is a special place in hell for this kind of commies.

Jane Fonda aka Hanoi Jane went to North Vietman during the war and posed with North Vietnamese soldiers.

The Vietnam War has ended after almost 20 years of continuous fighting. Description from pinterest

Jane Fonda arrives at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on July 27

Tough Enough: Tracking the Army Jacket's Evolution - Gallery - Style.com Jane Fonda 1971

Jane "B" Fonda Urinal sticker

Quote: Karl Marx on State Education

"A Huge, Huge Mistake" - Jane Fonda on Her Infamous "Hanoi Jane" Photo

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Jane Fonda Bumper Stickers | Hanoi Jane - Urinal Cake - Conservative USA Made T-Shirts by FUBOwear

I'd heard this before. True?

Jane Fonda committed treason as Hanoi Jane. Here she is, posing with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun crew.

The Patriot Post Truth Hurts, 2nd Amendment, We

Traitor to America❗ . Responsible for the Worst DEAL in our history, think

Humor: Just Your Average Liberal — The Patriot Post

Hanoi Jane, we will never forget. A true Traitor to America and an embarrassment to her Father.

Jane Fonda wears 'Hanoi Jane' T-shirt to promote Nancy Reagan movie;

On the Republican side, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stole the show, forcefully and angrily calling out the entire Democrat charade.

From the highly educated ... Conservative Quotes, Conservative Politics, Right Wing,

I'm saving mine for her grave.

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Jane Fonda Revealed As Heroic CIA Operative

Jane Fonda working with troops

John "Served in Vietnam" Kerry Bumper Sticker Of The Day... Now

I don't care what this commie kissing traitor has to o say, except

Photograph from AFP/Getty Images

25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Vietnam War TAY NINH 1968 AFTER ACTION REPORT 001 Korean War

what an idiot!put him on the front lines.of the enemy. "

Protesting against the system is bad in 2016, even though it was heroic in 1776

This bitch

The hill of angels, better known as Con Thien.Located in I Corps near

Jane Fonda Bumper Stickers | Jane Fonda Bumper Stickers | Car Stickers, Decals, &

Tell them you're grateful, thankful, and sorry for the tree-hugging liberals who didn't thank them when they came home!

That would be hanoi jane- This is personal! Vietnam Vets, North Vietnam,

June 1969 The Faces Of The American Dead In Vietnam Life Magazine in the Book Court

I Spent Seven Years as a Vietnam POW. The 'Hanoi Hilton' Is No Trump Hotel.

Humor: Math — The Patriot Post State Of The Union, Liberal Logic, Smart

Don't get mad of the facts. Get mad with people who lied

Hit a bong. weed marijuana ganja pot stoner high baked Can't we all just get along


Ah, Janie, a picture speaks a thousand words, does it not? No, Persephone, daughter of Zeus, wife of Hades, & Queen of the Underworld is a myth. Jane Fonda ...

JOHN KERRY: He Was a Traitor Before He Was A War Monger

You'll be proud to wear this embroidered Vietnam War 'In Memory' patch for the fallen brothers and sisters who have given so much in service to our country.

I came across these posts while surfing the internet and thought it would be cool to combine them, add pictures and then post on my blog and on Facebook.

Vietnam veteran Larry Biddle urges moviegoers to bypass “The Butler” which stars Jane Fonda

Gee, who is that guy standing next to Hanoi Jane at an Anti War Protest

Hanoi Jane Again […

Put this bitch against the wall!! TRAITOR P.O.S Political Topics, Political Ads,

thank you quotes for vietman veterans - Google Search Thank you to my brother, a Vietnam veteran 💞⭕ ⭕ ❌❌ God bless 😇

The 1972 Photo Traitor Jane Fonda aka"Hanoi Jane". Jane Fonda Barbarella Henry Fonda's daughter sitting on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal the largest ...

The fact that every dude thinks a girl should be in the kitchen all the time is kind of annoying. Just think, they will hate it when your in the kitchen all ...

Traitor to the United States is now up for The SEcretary of State? It is

She's a worthless traitor to the American people, I'm sure that's why she hates America, but we hate her too for her ignorance!

Soldier's lighters from Vietnam War sold at auction

It pains me to have to back Donald Trump (who dodged the draft during the Vietnam War for year after year) on John McCain but here is what Trump should have ...

My grandpa contracted Agent orange in the Vietnam war.. countless veterans, and also

Jane Fonda arrested for protesting the war in Vietnam. Called Hanoi Jane by the troops for her solicitous behavior to the enemy.

Socialism: You make it, they take it. Hillary Clinton is a socialist. Socialism is a stage one's nation must go through before becoming communist.

Hanoi Jane Fonda Criticizes and Spews Hate for QVC and the Far Right After Canceled TV Appearance ~ Thank You QVC, Jane's Treason will always be TREASON!

Actress Jane Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun during her 1972 visit to the country, as a protest against the Vietnam War.

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Why The Vietnam War Is Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's Most Ambitious Project Yet | Vanity Fair


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From the year after the release of Barbarella, Jane Fonda stars on the cover of

There was some interesting symbolism hidden in the amusing story line. You don't have to be embarrassed about it.

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