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Xiao UP10TION UP10TION t Kpop Cute boys and Cute

Xiao UP10TION UP10TION t Kpop Cute boys and Cute


#XIAO #UP10TION Flower Crowns, Cute Boys, K Pop, Flower Children,

Xiao UP10TION. Xiao UP10TION Kpop Hair, Pink Hair, Cute Boys ...

Up10tion xiao jacket Cute Korean Boys, Rock, Sweet, Search, Handsome, Kdrama

At first I was like "Oh my gawd, Suga looks so cute i--" moves the picture closer. Realise it was Xiao from Up10tion. *dies*

#XIAO #UP10TION | UP10TION Xiao (Lee Dongyeol) | Pinterest | Kpop, Idol and Boy groups

170109 UP10TION Xiao Fancafe Update - Healing Time @ Pet Café #업텐션 #샤오 #XIAO

This boy here, who I found out was Xiao from Up10tion, looks a lot younger with this hair

Up10tion' Xiao || Handsome, Boy Groups, Kpopper, K Idols, Kdrama

#XIAO #UP10TION Korean Men, Asian Men, Up10tion Hwanhee, Cute Boys,

Xiao // // One of my biases in 'cause he is just a cute little floofball of rainbows & sunshine! Alexis Lee · UP10TION: Xiao

#XIAO #UP10TION Korean Boy Bands, Vixx, Korean Music, Kpop Boy,

Xiao - Up10tion · ChildChineseHandsome !!!CuteBoysBaby ...

UP10TION xiao

Sunyoul and Xiao. My loves~ ♡♡♡

Cute Boys · Smile · Sweet · UP10TION Hwanhee Xiao Xiaohee duo maknae Album, Kpop Groups, Vixx, Posts, Up10tion

Up10tion Sunyoul Xiao flowers in hair Up10tion Hwanhee, Cute Korean Boys, Kpop Groups,

up10tion xiao pink hair Going Crazy, Cute Boys, Asian Boys, Google, Search

Xiao - Up10tion

xiao aesthetic ✩ the cute boy with pink hair who loves looking at girls and hug peoplepic.twitter.com/q6bqCGMThl

Xiao. Alexis Lee · UP10TION: Xiao

Xiao, I swear he kills me Jaehyun, Kpop Hair, Up10tion Hwanhee, Kpop


xiao, kpop, and up10tion image

Happy birthday to the beautiful, sunshiney up10tion leader Jinhoo!! He's absolutely adorable (

So both wooshin and Xiao are so cute but they are both my fav! Wooshin is like a really adorable boy and Xiao is my oppa. But Who I'm gonna chose .

UP10TION Xiao Kpop Hair, Sweet Guys, Idol, Pink Hair, Kdrama, Boy

xiao, cute, and up10tion image

kpop boys are cute #3 || BTS, GOT7, EXO, UP10TION, SHINEE, 17, NU'EST, TOPPDOGG, BTOB, VIXX, & ASTRO

171025 UP10TION Instagram Update Xiao, Baby Xiao's Juseyo

wei, xiao, and kuhn image

idol, kpop, and cute image

my heart goes afhdhkllllfckkkkkk 『181020』 #Kuhn - AMAGASAKI ©Shootingstar @u10t_official -------------------- #업텐션 #UP10TION #쿤 #노수일 #KUHN #Jinhoo ...

Anyone want to work for me i aint feelin it today #xiao #leedongyeol #dongyeol #up10tion #kpop

xiao, up10tion, and lee dongyeol image. ← →. Tagged with. boy · cute

Up10tion Xiao Adorable Laugh Compilation ❤

there will be pictures every sub-chapter. The pictures not mine! Credit to the owners*

boy, xiao, and hwanhee image. ← →. Tagged with. boy · cute · hwanhee · idol · kpop · maknae · up10tion


... UP10TION Xiao”. maknae maknae2


Everything about Jinhoo is perfect, especially his adorable ears and plump lips. I wasn't ...

Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao ...

Introducing up10tion!! Well at least five of the members first 😅 but please guys

Up10tion Xiao 2018

The other members plus a cute video of xiao, hwanhee and gyujin at the end

The boys of #UP10TION have a short and sweet message for #Honey10! See you all soon! #Jinhoo #Kuhn #Kogyeol #Hwanhee #Sunyoul #Wei #Gyujin #Xiao #Wooshin ...

“Born year 1998, UP10TION Xiao”


xiao, up10tion, and kpop image

kpop, sunyeol, and cute image

UP10TION XIAO Laugh Compilation [Part 1]


Jinhoo UP10TION 2018

UP10TION 업텐션 팬클럽 on Twitter: "Pics from Vixx N Kpop Radio Hwanhee, Xiao, + UP10TION with Vixx's N. http://t.co/0gQjZuLopu"

38 images about up10tion on We Heart It | See more about up10tion, hwanhee and kpop

[TRANS] [#TENNY] Cute baby #샤오 #XIAO and charisma mom

kpop boys are cute ^-^ #2 || BTS/17/ASTRO/TOPPDOGG/EXO/NU'EST/GOT7/B.A.P/ UP10TION/VIXX/BLOCK B/BTOB - YouTube

cute, honey10, and up10tion image

How Did You Guys Meet?- Xiao of Up10tion

The Good, The Bad, And The Foodie: 10 Times K-Pop Hairstyles Made Us Mad Hungry | Soompi

Kuhn is the most handsome person in the world. I troed my best at a

xiao and up10tion image


asian, boy, and handsome image

Up10tion Kuhn />

Up10tion Wei 2018

Image by IN WORLD K - POP

Up10tion (업텐션) - ATTENTION (with member names) [HD]

Up10tion Kogyeol 2018

kpop, up10tion, and wooshin image

kpop, xiao, and cute image

UP10TION Chapter 7 - Hwanhee & Xiao - YouTube

... Xiao & Wei of UP10TION | Warsaw, 21.09.2018. @u10t_official [ #

up10tion Xiao ♥

kpop, hwanhee, and cute image

Idols' Ideal Type Compilation: UP10TION

kpop, wei, and xiao image

☆우신☆ on Twitter: "Up10tion wouldn't be Up10tion without our MC Baby Wooshin ♥♥ #UP10TION #WOOSHIN… "

kpop, jinhoo, and jinwook image

업텐션(UP10TION) (@UP10TION) | Twitter

UP10TION to meet HONEY10s In Japan On Official Fanmeet

Cute new photo of the boys!• • • • • • • #up10tion #u10t #wei #weiup10tion #kogyeol #kogyeolup10tion #sunyoul #sunyoulup10tion #jinhoo #jinhooup10tion #xiao ...

So both wooshin and Xiao are so cute but they are both my fav! Wooshin is like a really adorable boy and Xiao is my oppa. But Who I'm gonna chose .

Everyone usually believe Xiao and Wei are Chinese because of their stage names.

GODDAMN Xiao. Got that neon bubble gum look going on.Probably gonna take me a while to get used to it.

[ +22 / -10] XIAO T_T_T_T_T_T__T_T

So if the name of this post didn't tell, I'm going to talk about Up10tion and list reason why I Stan/Why you should Stan them.



UP10TION (업텐션) consists of 10 members: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bit-to, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee and Xiao. UP10TION debuted on 10 September ...

#bitto #bromance #cute #gyujin #hwanhee #jinhoo #kogyeol #kuhn #kuhnyeol #sunshin #sunyoul #up10tion #wei #weijin #woohoo #wooshin #xiao #xiaohee #yaoi