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Karud dagger last 14 of the 19th c circa 1880 the European market

Karud dagger last 14 of the 19th c circa 1880 the European market


Indian karud dagger, 18th to 19th century, wootz steel blade, ivory, silver

Indian karud dagger, 18th to 19th century, steel, crystal, silver, enamel

Indian karud dagger, 18th to 19th century, wootz steel blade, iron, gold

Indian karud dagger with jade handle / early 19th century. خنجر البشكابز بقبضة جاد - اوائل الثالث عشر الهجري”

Karud dagger, they were used in Persia, Afghanistan and northern India in the eighteenth

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Afghan karud dagger. Muslim Culture, Black Mamba, Venom, Blade, Swords,

A mother of pearl hilted dagger India century.


Indian dagger, 17th century, steel, iron, silver, H. 14 3

antik Afghan Messer Dolch choora dagger Pesh kabze Khybermesser knife / dagger Khyberknife aus Afghanistan.

Indian (Mughal) karud dagger, 18th century خنجر بشكابز مغولي هندي ذو نصل مستقيم

Wootz Karud and sheath Ceramic hilt Central Asian dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com

Gold inlaid karud with walrus ivory handle, decorated with emeralds, rubies, red coral

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Indian khanjar dagger with Sheath | Indian | The Met Knives And Swords, Cool Knives

AN OTTOMAN GEM-SET DAGGER AND SCABBARD, TURKEY, 18TH/19TH CENTURY comprising a curved watered steel blade formed with central ridge, the waisted hilt with ...

Ottoman (Eastern Europe) kilij, late 18th / early 19th century with an older blade. Length 97,2 cm, without scabbard - 91,7cm.

***Landsknecht Dagger with Scabbard | The Art Institute of Chicago German Landsknecht Dagger with Scabbard, Scabbard: c. 1550/60; dagger: 19th century in ...

Karud dagger.

Pesh kabz dagger with nephrite hilt.

Indian (possibly Kutch) pesh kabz / karud shaped blade, 19th century, watered

Afghan weapons, from top down, khyber knife, karud, choora, pesh kabz

Afghanistan karud dagger, mid 19 C. 11 inches well forged heavy blade with strong

Indo-persian jambiya, 19th century, Persian or Hyderabad India for the Arab market, blade of typical shape with central ridge, the gilt-copper hilt ...

Pesh-kabz daggers (lt) compared to karud daggers (rt), there

Indian kerala pesh kabz dagger, a rare type of knife / dagger which comes from

Ottoman knife and fork set (trousse), 19th century, both with marine ivory hilts, the steel knife and foliate pronged fork overlaid with gold and engraved ...

Spanish Vendetta Knife. French made by Girodias, late 19th Century

Persian jambiya dagger, 19th century, steel, ivory (elephant), wood, velvet, silver, silk, H. with sheath 14 1/2 in. (36.8 cm); H. without sheath 13 5/8 in.

Italy, 16th century

Persian kard dagger, ca. 1800, steel, agate, gold, wood,

Dagger, Italy, mid-16th century.

Afghan karud dagger, 19th century, highly decorative scabbard, polished horn grips with brass

Khanjar Dagger. Dated- circa 1900. Indian. Medium- steel, gold, rock crystal, silver, wood, velvet, emerald, coral, garnet.

Dagger (Khanjar) with Scabbard. Date: late 17th–18th century. Culture: Iran or Greater Syria. Medium: Steel, gold, copper, enamel, wood.

Russian Kindjal 19th Century Swords And Daggers, Knives And Swords, Medieval Weapons, Fantasy


मुगल चीज़ें — art-of-swords: Jade-hilted Short Sword Dated:... | Sharp and Pointy | Pinterest | Jade, Knives and Damascus knife

Afghan "choora" dagger, a close relation to the "pesh-kabz" and "karud" daggers.

Ceremonial knife with sheath, anoniem, c. 1750 - c. 1800. Sri Lanka - rijksmuseum.nl

Lot: An outstanding ivory mounted kindjal, Lot Number: Starting Bid: Auctioneer: Czerny's International Auction House, Auction: Luxury Antique Arms & Armour ...

Indo-Persian jambiya, 18th century, steel, enamel, stone, leather,

Moroccan koumaya dagger, 19th century, steel, brass, silver, wax, H

Afghan choora daggers. Muslim Culture, Knives And Swords, Afghanistan, Filo, Warfare

Persian kard dagger, ca. 1805-6, damascus steel blade, ivory, gold, L. 12 5/8 in. (32.1 cm); L. of blade 7 3/4 in. (19.7 cm); W. 1 3/16 in.

Spear,China lance,Damascus steel Spearhead,Hardwood rod,Length 78 inch

Indian chillanum dagger, 17th century, one of the rarest forms of daggers in the

19th Century Arabian Jambiya Dagger

Indian tegha sword, 18th century, large and massive 36 inch sword with a 32.5

[Metropolitan Museum of the collection of Persian antiques dagger] ... from CG illustrator control - microblogging

Indian hooded katar, 18th century, a very old version of the katar. A

Ottoman (Albanian) jambiya dagger, 19th century.

Indian (North) tiger tooth jambiya dagger, curved wootz (damascus, watered)

Dagger from a Rifle Set Islamic Artist from Turkey during the period of 1732-1733. Steel decorated with gold, rubies (or spinels) and beryls.

A selection of Indian weapons from an old book about swords. Notably featuring an atypically decorated Pata and the ever-unusual Haladie

Indian dagger, straight karud type blade, late 18th c, possibly Tipu Sultan's, watered wootz steel blade, the back inlaid at the forte with gold bubri motif ...

Karud daggers.

Indian khanjar dagger, 18th to 19th century, steel, silver, wood, H

1800s Indian Antique Museum Quality Steel Khanjarli Ritual Dagger Knife Khanjar Ancient Armor, Dagger Knife

Кинжалы сапфира Swords And Daggers, Knives And Swords, Fantasy Weapons, Dagger Knife,

Indian jambiya dagger, 17th century, sturdy blade with reinforced tip, curved and ribbed, silver plated bronze lion's head pommel with turquoise cabochons ...

Indian sword Tulwar 18th century konradsherlock.com antique Indian and Islamic arms and armour

Dagger horse head and its sleeve. PERIOD: 17th century. Mughal dynasty (1526-1858 A.D). | Louvre Museum

Indian katar dagger, late 18th century, damask steel, gold, bronze and turquoise. Technique: forged and engraved. Dimensions: 36 cm, Hermitage Museum.

Afghan man at a meeting of Afghan chiefs, probably Kabul, by John Burke notice the huge karud dagger in his belt.

Chinese sword/Kangxi bao dao/High manganese steel/Alloy Knife fitted/leather

Karud dagger.

Indian (North) tiger tooth jambiya dagger, curved wootz (damascus, watered) steel blade pierced at its upper part with reinforced edges and slightly ...

Indo-Persian dagger, Abdeen Palace museum, Cairo Egypt. Ancient Egypt History,

Photograph of Afghan soldier posed with matchlock jezail rifle and karud dagger, by John Burke, 1879-80. The Jezail was the long-barelled Afghan rifle, ...

Very Fine Mughal Gold Khanjar dagger with Rubies and Diamonds

Guandao,Kwan Dao(High manganese steel blade)Length 53

Ottoman bebut kindjal dagger,17in. overall with a thick, heavy, curved blade

Indian (mughal) dagger, 17th century, curved double edged blade with cental ridge and damascened floral decoration around the forte, the hilt of yellow gold ...

Classic Indian Wootz steel Talwar sword.

A Mughal Lion-Head gem-set and Jade-Hilted karud dagger and scabbard, India, second half century

Indian katar, 18th century. Wootz blade. 18 7/8 in. long. 16.2 oz. The inscriptions at the base of each side of the blade read: "Help from Allah and a ...

Knife - 1801 central asia Iran - treasury of khiva Qajar - I need to carry this around.

Indian khanjar dagger; 2-edged recurved & ridged watered steel blade, enamelled

Moroccan nimcha sword, 19th century or earlier, steel blade (possibly European) with

Caucasian kindjal / qama dagger, early 19th century, steel, silver, niello,


Circa 1615-1620, this dagger and scabbard, thought to have been commissioned and designed by Emperor Jahangir around 1619, is set with rubies, ...

swords belonged to Akbar the great pic Great Sword, Dagger Knife, Great Pic,

19th century, Kerala, India. Steel heavily embossed with gold and embellished heavily with diamonds and rubies.

Indian (Mahratta) karud dagger, 18th to 19th century, wootz steel blade,

A hunting hanger, provenance: Europe dating: 19th Century . Swords And Daggers,

Afghan Choora dagger with a silvered & bone handle Dagger Knife, Armures, Handicraft,

Shadow Double Daggers

Indian khanjar dagger, 18th to 19th century, massive heavy bichwa type steel recurved blade

ASTA 69 | Czerny's

Khanjar dagger

Persian jambiya dagger, 19th century, 13.5in. overall, blade 8.5in,

Indian tulwar sword, mid 19th century, heavy blade forged from "birds eye"

Ottoman kard dagger, early 19th century, extremely long, very high contrast wootz steel blade, which is more like Persian wootz in structure than Turkish ...

Templar Short sword #TemplarSword

Fulfilling your username 101: 2400+ Photos of swords and armor - Album on Imgur

Kindjal / qama dagger, most probably of Georgian origin, late 19 - early 20 century. Classical shaped blade 14 inches long with off centered fullers.

Tulwar from The Caravana Collection, see it at www.caravanacollection.com