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Lieutenantbooty saerys I feel like there39s been a lot of t

Lieutenantbooty saerys I feel like there39s been a lot of t


Homestuck ikimaru art

ewe Have some more Sollux x Kanaya~ Comic Games, Homestuck, The Arts,

Nepeta Leijon --- she's so cool i can't believe how people think she's weak. A leo is actually known to be violent, and not to mention it's proven when she ...

I love these pictures where Nepeta looks like a BAMF because other pictures she looks like

Okay, Everyone will be Human/Trollstuck for the week. Please introduce yourself in that way.


Aradia god tier chibi

Trickster mode scares me and i don't like it, but this is cute. =D

HOMESTUCK troll karkat/kankri vantas cosplay horns by trashcrypt, $18.00

1 Am, Gone Wrong, Homestuck, Destruction

Humanstuck beforans

humanstuck karkat albino - Google Search

“Anonym hat dich gefragt: oh sweet jesus if you did more ancestors (coughHANDMAIDcough) i would die of joy.” Ok I had to try that… this doesn't look very ...

Homestuck Dancestors Mituna Captor Kankri Vantas This relationship between them is like me and one of my best internet friends... Too much like it.

Human Karkat

Homestuck Challenge day 9: Fav Exile If you don't think the mayor is the best YOU ARE INCORRECT.

I Love Him, Just Love, Homestuck, Told You So, Regrets, Cosplay

homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde Karkat jake english vriska sollux terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros nepeta kanaya ...

okay im not going to lie i have a think for humanstuck Gamzee. i mean i have a thing for Gamzee but still.

Meulin And Kurloz Humanstuck Human meulin lindsay stuff

humanstuck aradia by sonicat62 (she kinda looks like me) Aradia, Homestuck, Anime

John -- Homestuck ((More like HoodieStuck))

Meenah x Karkat Homestuck, Davekat, Celestial, Pisces, Told You So, Sad

It's even better bc it was an ad on mspaintadventures Home Stuck, Davekat, Steven

I'm Nepeta Leijon, the purrfect rogue of heart. I only have one quadrant filled, my meowrail (Equius). I have a flush crush, but I won't ...

homestuck undertale crossover - Google Search Fandom Crossover, Anime Crossover, Nerd Problems, Undertale

atrueenglishman: I just really felt like drawing humanstuck Vriska with shockingly blue hair.

Anonymous asked you: can you draw some troll! u//u juuust like the old times umu I’ve been meaning to draw him again in this style for a while ...

Картинка с тегом «homestuck, vriska serket, and terezi pyrope»

<3 I would also like to say: I watched sadstuck videos today (

Human Trolls

Homestuck, Celestial, Fire, Canning, Home Canning, Preserve

humanstuck sollux | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck, Homestuck comic and Fandoms

roxy nepeta - Google Search

nepeta leijon | homestuck [putoshop on tumblr]

i honestly dont get why people hate her and characters like her. shes not a character thats fun to hate *coughnotlikecronuscough* and she didnt do anything ...

That song, is legit, the best song, I have ever heard. It's

A few trickster ancestors

Soft Grunge Roxy Lalonde by clickadee Soft Grunge, Homestuck, Pastel Goth, Roxy,

I wish someone would blow up my magic cue ball so I could have a robotic

Humanstuck Ferferi

Homestuck thanksgiving

im totally going to try and cosplay as kankri

Pastel goth by ApplebeeJuice Emo Goth, Cool Artwork, Homestuck, Pastel Goth, Story

Equius, Aradia, Karkat, Gamzee, Vriska, Tavros, Leppu

I like this for inspiration. Red is better for boots, and the skirt should

Equius trying to get into sports by IvetteLC98 on DeviantART I don't like blond

I wish this happened

King Size Bed Linen, King Size Bedding, King Size Beds, King Beds,

You should read "Vampire!Karkat x Human!Nepeta" on #Wattpad. #fanfiction

Homestuck, Adventure Games, Celestial, Told You So, Frozen

Musical Rose by Dizzyzebra on DeviantArt

trickster nepeta | Tumblr

Homestuck-logo-Wallpaper by brianlechthaler

homestuck-sometimes I see art like this and think aww homestuck is so cute :

the trolls and humans always write in their text colour, it doesnt necessarily mean eridan wrote that using his blood

Would that be Roxy? And would not that make Dirk his dad?

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lieutenant booty saerys I feel like there s been a lot of blond Nepeta on my