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Won potter omg what do you think EDIT Wonyoung as Harry

Won potter omg what do you think EDIT Wonyoung as Harry


won potter omg what do you think ? 🙊 ㅡ [EDIT] · Wonyoung as Harry Potter © jangwonyoung.pd48

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#PRODUCE48 #WONYOUNG #JANGWONYOUNG 《 ♡ 》 Produce 101, Apink Naeun, Baekhyun

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#jangwonyoung #wonyoung #izone #produce48

#jangwonyoung #wonyoung #izone #produce48

Really Hard, Beautiful Pictures, Japanese Girl Group, Kpop Girls, K Pop,

#jang_wonyoung #produce48

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Knet Commentary: Netizen admire the visual of PD48 Jang Wonyoung!


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Jang Won Young (Starship)

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wonyoung :)

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1w 0. More Details · Daratha Ngoun Pinterest Account. Daratha Ngoun @daracn. 1w 3. ♡ won potter omg what do you think ? 🙊 ㅡ [EDIT] · Wonyoung

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omg she looks cute asf awee i love this giant baby so so much 😖

Chaewon & Wonyoung

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[OFFICIAL] 180801 Produce 48 Instagram Update - Side to Side team 💞 _

jang wonyoung #wonyoung #장원영 #아이즈원 #izone

롤린 롤린 롤린 🙃😂 #프로듀스48 #최예나 #장원영 #produce48 #jangwonyoung

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I was so mad when Erii from produce 48 got a.

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180808 식량일기 EP10 #YOOA #OHMYGIRL #유아 #유시아 #오마이걸

LOONA | Yves 이브 | Ha Sooyoung 하 수영 | May 24th, 1997 | 166


Wonyoung fanart 💖 Follow me For more about Wonyoung 💙 Adm : is 😻 .

I wish JYP would stop giving Momo high notes that are out of her range because she can sing decently when the notes are low or mid-range.

[ IMG] you are ...

[throwback] lee hongki said jangwonyoung "giant baby" because her so tall

I get why people love Sunmi and Gashina so much, mean the lyrics are quite clever and it's really different. But I really can't stand Sunmi's voice in it.


Even though I dont really know the other members except Wonyoung, Yena, Yujin, Sakura, Nako, Chaeyeon and Eunbi.. but I'm working on it!

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Juyeon (The Boyz) has to be one of the most good-looking idols to debut recently. I can't believe he's a 98 liner, especially when he's standing next to the ...

日本游擊公演飯拍圖 - 期待星期五的好消息≧∇≦

SonAmoo's D.ana Twitter Update 월요일이다~ 감기조심하세요! #Sonamoo #

O Ma-i Bi-neo-seu Poster

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I swear Daragon Shippers are the most annoying people out there. After the recent news broke out with GD and Jooyeon all they could think of was their ship ...

Can YG and Teddy please stop giving BP English raps? They're so cringey… I love BP and I think Jennie and Lisa are pretty good rapper but lines such as “ ...

rose #ChaeyeonYouArePrecious @rosiemintblue · Sep 25

Oh my Girl and Lovelyz deserved #1 eons ahead of Laboum. You can…


↳chaeyeon ◦——————◦——————

Anda showing up in Seungri's 123 MV and live stages was a huge and pleasant surprise for me being being a long time fan. I was even more pleased to learn ...

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Netizens Ask Why Does “Produce 48” Jang WonYoung's Nationality Matters For Some

i need a collab from sungwoon, taemin, jimin and kai. that would be such and iconic stage

Idk where ppl started to look down on BTS when it came to their usage of the internet , but all I have to say is that you are crazy if you ...

I honestly think that EXO's Chen and AoA's Yuna look alike. If I didn't know I would've thought that they are sibling or at least cousins.

Hyuk isn't faring well, and while I'm simultaneously happy(?) that the show is staying true to the effects of cholera by covering his bottom half with a ...

IU's reactions to BTS during the MMA's were the cutest things ever. From dancing along to DNA, to laughing to JK's acting, to singing along to Spring Day, ...


thankyou for write support to wonyoung on her subaway, tonight voting will be closed at

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rose #ChaeyeonYouArePrecious @rosiemintblue · Oct 4

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Amongst the crowd at the March for Science in Washington, DC, was a woman with an incredible story. “I'm a physicist and I'm 90 years ...

Look at my bias uwu🤩 — • IZ*ONE • Wonyoung — credit;

Her gracious response causes Team Leader Kang to stare at her in a mix of respect and gratitude. “I liked you. Because I was able to like you, I was glad.

“My grandmother was the first in our family to discover it. One day she joined a meditation in the park. She was taking so many medications at the time, ...

Muchas gracias por el apoyo de hoy;;; Realmente lo pase super bien Presentar


సాహసాల విషయానికి వస్తే... ఏ ఒక్కరిద్దరు హీరోలు తప్పితే మిగతావారందరూ బాడీ డబుల్స్ నే ...

who's the one next to yujin and wonyoung?

I love the tone of this scene (drama). Bluish…..and love it coz it was the 1st TaeBo's moment…..The sound of TaeWon more nice to hear but I've still chose ...

Hyuk isn't faring well, and while I'm simultaneously happy(?) that the show is staying true to the effects of cholera by covering his bottom half with a ...

Kelly Osbourne Young Hollywood Awards

Despite a few minor gripes I have, I Remember You remains a very well-crafted drama. Right from the start, the tone and the story was consistent and well ...

[OFFICIAL] 180731 Produce 48 Instagram Update - Side to Side team 💞 _

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Why "Bodyguard" Is Your Next TV Obsession

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